Workshops and Trainings
Soul Voice® is a therapeutic voice and sound healing modality, which explores the human voice into its depths, potential and creative expression, founded by Karina Schelde.
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Workshops with authorised/
accredited Soul Voice® Teachers

Workshops with Authorised/Accredited Soul Voice® Teacher The 2 Days & the 5 Days workshops are an introductory & an immersion into the Soul Voice® method and prerequisite for participating in PCP, the Practitioners’ Certification Program;

The first step to join a Soul Voice® workshop is to participate in a 2 days intro:

A Two Days Soul Voice®
introductory Workshop

An intensive & life-transforming experience that will liberate & unleash the power of Your Innate Voice.

Check with the individual teacher for any scheduled intro presentation.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is open to everybody, and no experience is necessary.

This workshop introduces you to the Soul Voice® method, giving you concrete steps for freeing your voice and discovering your core essence.

‘There is a cry a call deep within our hearts

that wants to be heard.

We long for the liberation

of our voice and soul to rediscover

the grandeur of who we truly are

as a force of the highest vibration of Creation.’


Learn how to:

This workshop is prerequisite for participating in ASI, Advanced Sound Initiation.

A 5 Days residential intensive workshop, Advanced Sound Initiation, ASI

This seminar is a guided and structured journey into revealing more of your potential and authentic self, through your unique and creative self-expression and through specific Soul Voice® techniques.
Every aspect of your being will be touched as you become ready for this transformation. This is a deep letting-go process in order for your true power and inner wisdom to shine and manifest.
Through a strong group energy you will be guided into very high frequencies and go through profound transformations and initiations.
Each participant’s unique path and voice qualities will be strongly supported and further developed. The magic power of soul voice® sounding will guide you into further mastery and understanding of your life and life patterns.

The intention of this workshop is to:

This workshop is prerequisite for participating in PCP, the Practitioners’ Certification Program;

Soul Voice® Experience workshops

‘Soul Voice® Experience offers each individual teacher to create workshops in their own composition within the Soul Voice® Method, with practices created from their own personal development & experiences as well as drawing on inspiration from the Soul Voice® books.

Soul Voice® Experience Workshops, facilitated by Accredited Soul Voice® Teachers, are designed to be delivered to specific industries, institutions, organisations or specific groups of interest to each individual Teacher.

Soul Voice® Experience Workshops may be appropriate for people working in Hospitals, Schools, Corporations & Businesses. It may target a particular group of participants, for example, Mid-wives, Pregnant Women, Children, Teenagers, People in Emergency situations, Dying People, People with specific physical/mental/emotional related challenges. Or artistic groups such as Actors, Singers & Musicians.

Please contact the individual teacher for their availability to facilitate a Soul Voice® Experience Workshop to your ‘interest group’ or specific industry, and look at their existing schedule.