What is Soul Voice
Soul Voice® is a therapeutic voice and sound healing modality, which explores the human voice into its depths, potential and creative expression, founded by Karina Schelde.
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What is Soul Voice®

I believe sound medicine will play a tremendous role in the near future, helping to change the structure and transformation of society by breaking down the inner and outer walls, which no longer serve our evolution towards planetary balance, spiritual truth & optimal freedom.”
Soul Voice® is a comprehensive sound healing modality to free your voice and transform your limitations in order to become a vibrational instrument & to feel the joys of free expression. The human voice is a shape-shifter to your inner universe of freedom & authentic expression & communication!

The ancient wisdom is coded in our cellular memory (our DNA) in sound frequencies and serves as an ultimate guide to develop intuition, remembrance and higher consciousness.

Intentional sounding has the ability to permeate directly into the subconscious (the reptilian & the limbic brains) and to link & unite the conscious mind (neo cortex) and higher consciousness (prefrontal cortex).

You will unravel your history and karmic patterns, connect with ancestral roots and the indigenous essence of your true self.

For each experience we go through in life the body keeps a memory, which is like a record of encoded sound vibration. When we are able to tap into this, deep and miraculous healing can take place. In this way the body will not only come back to restore balance, but also come to remember its unlimited creativity and playful inner child ~ the pathway to the authentic self.

Bypassing words and communicating in sound language is one of the most powerful doorways to the creative power of the subconscious mind.

The Soul Voice® medicine teaches you to go to the core depth of your potential through structured emotional, psychological & spiritual practices and techniques, designed to enable you to develop your own unique & intuitive vocal expression. Training the emotional body through profound sound work is the key to true transformation & higher consciousness.

The sessions & the trainings are set out in such a practical, grounded and credible way that you can, in a contained, nurturing & safe space, dive deeper into the understanding of yourself & others. In your own rhythm you connect with your inherent wisdom, intuitive self & forgotten skills revealing the hidden truths of life, Your Life.
Humans are resonant beings; our voice will remember what we have forgotten. It reveals richness, aliveness and power, our light and dark sides. It carries any suppressed or painful memories and indicates our spiritual path; ~ it is our vibrational blueprint and a living testimonial of who we are in soul essence.”

BENEFITS of the Soul Voice® Method

On a physical level you may experience: accelerated wellbeing; balanced nervous system; release of physical pains; deep relaxation; enhanced oxygenation; improved physical performance; increased detoxification; rejuvenation & replenishment; release of endorphins; relief of stress & anxiety; wider vocal range.

On a mental level you may experience opening and clearing the conscious and subconscious mind, which: accesses & frees the inner child; clarifies goals & potentials; generates a deeper meditative state; unravels negative beliefs & unhealthy issues; helps to set clear boundaries; liberates creativity & expression; quiets the busy mind; releases judgment & criticism; strengthens contact to Source.

On an emotional level you may experience clearing and releasing, which allows you to: access authentic feelings; calm the busy mind; communicate more effectively & speak your truth; end issues related to sabotage, loss & abandonment; express from gut instincts and the heart; let go of separation; let go of hurt & wounded feelings; resolve unfinished communication; resonate with your spiritual essence; stop resistance.

On a spiritual level you may experience an opening and evolving into higher consciousness, which foster: contact with the DNA cellular essence; deepening interconnectedness; discovery of our primal self; experiences of oneness; manifestation of the voice as a channel of Source; new states of consciousness & ecstasy; realisation & embodiment of the divine will; resonance with our spiritual essence; union of the feminine & masculine energies.

Soul Voice® Community

Soul Voice® has been taught in over 25 countries & our Global Connection Network reaches to over 40 countries. We have a worldwide community of professional Practitioners & Teachers, who aim to create a powerful support network around the planet for YOU to be a part of.
As part of our practice we work with sending collective sound healing telepathically.
Practicing telepathic sound healing is a way to extend our compassion & responsibility to our fellow human beings, to all living beings on Planet Earth. It is a vibrational force, that travels through the ether and works through pure intention. Telepathic sound healing offers a tremendous support for the Earth and its inhabitants and can truly uplift and change the frequencies of our planet significantly.

The more people that are gathered, the stronger the effect will be, but even more important than the number of people is the purity of intent and the level at which those participating have refined their own instrument. The potential of what sound can do – for humanity, for troubled areas, for the Earth herself – is way beyond what we can imagine.
We must first finetune our listening skills so we may once again HEAR the calling of this planet, and to really know what is needed individually & collectively. From there we soon realise that it is not an individual journey. We cannot do this alone. It is about standing together and building a powerful & sustainable community.