I believe sound medicine will play a tremendous role in the near future, helping in changing the structure and transformation of society and breaking the inner and outer walls, which no longer serve our evolution towards planetary balance, spiritual truth & optimal freedom.

Soul Voice® is a creative therapeutic voice and sound healing modality which explores the human voice into its ultimate depths and potential. Humans are resonant beings; our voice will remember what we have forgotten. It reveals richness, aliveness and power, our light and dark sides. It carries any suppressed or painful memories and indicates our spiritual path. It is our vibrational blueprint and a living testimonial of who we are in soul essence

Danish scientists show that our nerves do not transmit electricity, but they in fact transmit sound. Thus sound frequencies are embedded in our entire nervous system.
Virtually every known indigenous culture has used the healing power of sound medicine for eons, practicing and honoring sound as the fundamental creative force of the universe. Everything is made up of vibration and frequency. We are held together by sonic resonance, and each part of our body has its own sonic vibration.

The ancient wisdom is coded in our cellular memory, our DNA in sound frequencies and serves as an ultimate guide to develop intuition, remembrance and higher consciousness. You will unravel your history and karmic patterns, connect with ancestral roots and the indigenous essence of your true self.

Bypassing language and communicating in sound language is one of the greatest doorways to the creative power of the subconscious mind.

We often suppress ourselves through over control or analysis, however working beyond the words allow us to tap into our intuitive selves free from restrictions and limitations.
For each experience we go through in life the body keeps a memory, which is like a record of encoded sound vibration. When we are able to tap into this, deep and miraculous healing can take place. In this way the body will not only come back to restore balance, but also come to remember its unlimited creativity and playful inner child; the pathway to the authentic self.

The Soul Voice® method teaches you to go to the ultimate core depths of your potentials through structured emotional, psychological & spiritual practices and techniques, designed to enable you to develop your own unique & ultimate intuitive vocal expression & boundless potential.

Training the emotional body through profound sound work is the key to true transformation & higher consciousness. Soul Voice® also works with human anatomy & the energy body in their various structures and functions.

The human voice is superior to any other instruments because
It has heart and soul and thus it has consciousness.
Our voice is a microcosmic Intelligence through which
Our spiritual resonance is expressed.
Our voice has a unique soul print
That since birth we have been yearning to express!

Be inspired by an 8 min Video on the Soul Voice® Method