Authorised Soul Voice® Teacher in the 2 day Introductory workshop.
Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner.

Karin Roig teacher2My drive to work with the Soul Voice® method was linked with a lot of resistance… After each seminar I was so happy, because I could feel the difference in my daily life, and could not even imagine how much FURTHER I could then go. But one step after the other I made my way, and I am still moving on.. endlessly !

Cleaning the body, giving voice to the memories that have hurt you, sometimes so deeply that you hardly speak of them; but they are still present in your cells and they long to be heard, to be released and to be transformed.
The voice was used by many tribes to heal… and these memories are also present in our bodies and we just need to waken them up This is what I want to share with you: gaining back your power through the power of the voice. Allowing your soul to manifest your UNIQUE way of being alive.

I am looking forward to be sharing this inner journey with You !

With love and tenderness.

Phone: +41 (0) 21 635 17 27

Schedule of 2 and 5-day Workshops