Authorised Soul Voice® Teacher in the 2 day Introductory workshop.
Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner.

Joyce HellendoornTeacher2The 2 day Soul Voice® workshop is the first step you can do on the ‘Soul Voice® Journey’. For me personally it was a feeling of coming home. Everything came together like pieces of a puzzle. I loved the intensity of the work and at the same time realized that if this was still an introduction…wow, there would be a whole world of opportunities in sounding.

And this while I was working already for about 10 years with the voice, bodywork and healing. So from there the rest of the journey: the 5 days, the practitioner training and the teacher training was a very logical and natural path for me. It’s an un going journey, I keep on learning eagerly and I love it.

What I love about Soul Voice® is that it goes into depths unknown and has endless possibilities. Where in the techniques you learn there is much space for ones own creativity, authority and authenticity.

For me Soul Voice® feels as a craft. A very ancient craft which has been forgotten in our western culture. Also it is a very underestimated craft. So it is pioneering and reclaiming work to give this craft her rightful place back in our society. A job I’m very joyful and enthusiastic about. By just doing it, enjoying the results and making as many people as enthusiastic as possible

In our culture we’ve learned to hold ourselves back when it comes to making sounds. It is so very healthy to let go of the idea of beautiful versus ugly sounds en just allow yourself and follow what your body wants to express. Sounding goes beyond singing. It is such a miracle to listen to the sounds and the messages your body tells you. The forgotten emotions, suppressed cries, screams, dissonant sounds.

It is so beautiful to learn not to be afraid any more for what we carry within. The fear of an endless box of Pandora will vanish gradually making room for joy of expression into freedom. So wonderful to know what lives within us, being able to receive support from someone else in our deep processes, to follow our body in sounding. To trust more and more that we are able to carry ourselves, free ourselves so we dare to live our lives fully!

And then there is the wonder of making these sounds also for someone else. That our weirdest sounds can dig, open, free, transform, heal. And that we have a whole range of harmonic overtones in our voices as well. And I can continue on and on because the work has so many pearls. I already feel a lot of joy guiding my next Soul Voice weekend. I hope I will meet you some day.
In loving resonance, Joyce

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