Accredited Soul Voice® Teacher in the 2 day Introductory workshop.
Authorised Soul Voice® Teacher in the 5 day Advanced Sound Initiation workshop.
Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner.

CarolineBarnesMy journey into reclaiming my own voice was the catalyst in establishing a deep desire and passion to share and remind others of the true potential and depth of all that the voice holds. It led me to train as a Soul Voice® practitioner and now as a teacher of this wonderful work.

To be fully human, we need to reside in the totality of all that we are, physically, emotional and spiritually. To be fully present we need to be fully grounded, at home in the vehicle of our soul and spirit. Our bodies are so wise and wonderful and hold so much in terms of memories and understandings, it truly is a wise friend, but sadly one we often ignore until it calls from a place of discomfort, pain or illness.

Our emotional selves are crying out to be heard and recognised for all that they are, for the wisdom that these parts of ourselves also hold. Not something to fear, but something to flow with, to acknowledge, express and rediscover again. Our body and emotional self is our guide, the voice our vibrational tool to access and release the patterns and withholdings that so often result in restrictive and adapted ways of being.

It is time to reclaim our entirety, our innate and beautiful wisdom. It is time to call back all those parts of ourselves that we have left behind, disowned, disregarded and forgotten about. It is time to stand up and be heard, to speak our deepest truths, and release all that may be standing in the way of us dong so. We need to remember and re engage with the true magnificence of all that it is to be fully human and the key to this is through the voice. It is through this gateway that we re engage with life on all levels.

This is what moves me to share this. It is one I have personally experienced and continue to experience and it is also one that I have had the greatest privilege to witness in others.

I bring to this work my training in counselling and psychotherapy, sound therapy and therapeutic body work and it is from this perspective that I have gained a deep knowing and understanding of the freedom and liberation that can be felt and experienced by moving beyond and behind the restrictions of words and stories. Working in this creative and dynamic way enables us to move beyond the logical brain, beyond the thinking, analysing and the theoretical. It connects us on every level, mind, body and spirit. It takes us to the edges of ourselves, where we discover the resonance of the truth. Our own unique and authentic truth.

I truly find it a great honour to facilitate the Soul Voice® Workshops. Working with the dynamics and energy of a group is very special in enabling greater access to collective support. Each group is different, each unique in its constellation. It enables us to be seen and heard in ways that can seem daunting to begin with, but are truly freeing and fun.
I have always held a dream and working with my voice in this way has enabled me to unlock all that held me back from living it. I look forward to lighting the way and guiding you on your own unique path.

Blessings Caroline

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