Editorial Review

This ground breaking handbook on the human voice is a shape-shifter to your inner universe of freedom. Step-by-step Karina Schelde invites the reader to express that which leads to a more fulfilling, resonant and authentic life-style, connected strongly to soul.
Expression into Freedom contains a rich array of self healing practices, group exercises and rituals which take you on a passionate journey to awaken your innate voice. You will reveal your soul's depths and possibilities by consciously using your voice, and through sounding you will experience what you may never have thought possible. Being heard is your birthright.

“Over a number of years I’ve had the great fortune to experience Karina Schelde’s various healing gifts, in California, Hawai‘i and New Zealand.

She has helped me realise that the battleground between my heart and my head resides in my throat. This tug-of-war between romance and reason meant that I often found my voice lacked a natural confidence. Over the course of working with Karina, I’ve found a powerful voice full of intuition and truth. I’m not sure how she was able to coax it out of me, but I do know that the exercises that she has outlined in this book have changed my life. And, ironically, after more than two decades as a CEO, I now use my voice in my profession as an international speaker.
No matter what your profession is or where you are in your life, you will find Karina’s guidance in connecting with your inner voice to be profound. I am so impressed with this book: not only the content, but also the graphics and the exercises that make it such an enjoyable read and an opportunity for powerful self- reflection and development.
For many of us, our voice and breathing define the state of our life. They truly are a gauge of our inner wellbeing. Letting an emotion move through you is healthy. Letting an emotion define you is not. With this book, you can explore your emotions and your voice to navigate difficult or unknown terrains, and Karina is masterfully helping you climb these emotional peaks and challenging valleys. Expression into Freedom is an opportunity to tap into the power we all have in our voice — the one that authentically represents why you’re here on this earth. ”
Chip Conley, author of The Rebel Rules: Daring to be yourself in business

Rave Reviews

Karina Schelde’s Expression Into Freedom takes us on a journey to the soul’s essence. Through compelling and often poetic writing, along with exquisite photographs & exercises, we are immersed in the sounds within and the sounds all around us. This is one of the most profound and most accessible books on sound healing that you will find anywhere.
Lori Lewis, USA

After being diagnosed with serious cancer & metastases, I have benefited greatly from Soul Voice®. Stepping outside my background as a cardiologist I sought alternative ways of healing, as there was no curative conventional treatment. As I have always been inspired by music and singing, it was so natural to work with Soul Voice®. I know Karina Schelde as a very powerful woman and her new book "Expression into freedom" & her CD "Chakra Sound Healing & Heart Songs" have been a great inspiration to me. Specifically, I have worked with Chrakrasounds, The Primal Animal Within and Anger Released. I really felt the power of the sounds working through my energy system. I have also been helped by a Soul Voice® Practitioner here in Denmark. Karina is a phenomenal motivator and has been an invaluable aid in my healing process of the cancer and my spiritual work.
Dr. Mogens Kjær Andersen, Denmark

Karina’s passion and vitality resonate from the pages of her book.The simple, yet potent exercises will guide and inspire you in the journey to discover more and more of your authentic voice....and this really is expression into FREEDOM!
Kathryn Santospirito, Australia

This book and CD offers you the guidance to find the power within you, so you can make the necessary jumps of rapid transformation on your soul’s journey. Expression of self is most powerful in sound. This book is a must for everyone interested in making more of their lives and their presence on this planet.
Roy Martina M.D,The Netherlands

Karina has created a brilliant piece of teaching and service in 'Expression into Freedom' resonating with such clarity and depth of experience. She reaches and touches your inner sense and innate wisdom directly. All seekers of self-awakening, use your voice and let sound be your teacher!
Vickie Dodd, USA

List of Chapters

  • 1 The human voice as ultimate expression
  • 2 Primordial sound is the original language
  • 3 The art of listening
  • 4 Emotions are conductors of our wellbeing
  • 5 Communication with soul
  • 6 The inner child’s spontaneity
  • 7 Freeing expression through ‘therapeutic acting’
  • 8 Breath, a gateway to voice
  • 9 Intuition & the embodied higher senses
  • 10 Nature is our home
  • 11 Relaxation & surrender
  • 12 A world of compassion and oneness
  • 13 Telepathic planetary sound healing
    & the Soul Voice community

Selected Case stories

Emotional transformation

“A challenging client, Raina, had an alcoholic and angry father. She was conceived by rape. She told me about childhood memories of threatening and violent scenes. After her parents divorced, Raina never saw her father again.
Following a couple of initial Soul Voice sessions I was sounding to her belly, when suddenly the sounds came out strongly, dramatically and primordially with lots of dissonance. I channelled through the sounds of the client’s horrifying memories to achieve the greatest release and healing. It was a most powerful session.
Raina revealed in the debriefing afterwards that she was going to have surgery on her uterus soon because she was carrying a fibroid as big as a grapefruit!
The day after our session, she called me and told me: ‘While the doctors were doing the ultrasound scan to prepare for surgery, they found no fibroids, and they even asked me if I was making a fool of them! I spent the whole night after the session with very strong contractions, almost more painful than those during labour. I actually saw that I was losing a lot of blood, but I did not care.’
She continued: ‘After finishing our last session, I drove for the first time to my daddy’s grave’ — I had never heard her call him that — ‘I thought it was time after ten years! And I wrote him a note in which I told him that I loved him. I left the message there on his grave next to a flower.”
Maura Chiara Letizia Montanari, Italy

Cellular memory reprogramming for teenagers

“Francesca, 17 years old, is a young woman who is in strong conflict with her school and family, to such an extent that she decided to run away from home. I became the only person she was willing to discuss her issues with, so I got the authorisation from her parents to meet with her regularly. After some coaching meetings I was finally ready to give a sound session to her reproductive system. Working on her womb, I saw a very small fetus with its umbilical cord flying away among lots of blood. It became a very touching session. Francesca cried; she felt a huge pain and sadness in her entire body. She didn’t understand what it was, just that she had experienced strong emotions that had left her weakened. We finished the session by honouring the healing that had taken place and lit a candle with a prayer.
After some days I had a phone conversation with Francesca’s mother. Having shared my experience of Francesca’s session, she revealed to me that she had had an abortion between the birth of the first daughter and Francesca. She had kept it as a secret until now.
It became obvious that Francesca had got the imprint from her mother of that guilt and shame, and that she was carrying the pain of the unborn baby in her cellular memory. Our session was the key to the unravelling process. The mother told Francesca about the abortion. This allowed Francesca to regain the relationship with her mother, to find a new place of peace within herself and to start a longer process to becoming closer to her father as well.”
Maria Christina Franzoni, Italy

Releasing fear

“When Karina asked me to share a story of a client’s experience with fear, I suddenly went blank. I jogged my memory and could not recall a single experience of a client moving through fear. I immediately understood that I had a pattern of fear in myself needed to address.
I went through a session to reacquaint myself with this emotion. I have done this many times before but realised I had fallen asleep to some of the deeper drives and callings of my soul. As I went through the layers of numbness, my breathing became rapid and irregular as the suppressed energy of fear was allowed to reveal itself. I truly embraced it and ‘stared it straight in the eyes.’
The sounds that came out brought a stream of images, illuminating unprocessed thought patterns that were holding emotional charge. One in particular was a deep desire to get into surfing. My body loves the water and this feels like a wonderful pastime for me to enjoy in this lifetime. During my sounding process I felt fear of big waves and worry about not coping, about getting hurt — this had been stopping me from surfing. When I allowed myself to fully feel the fear, it transmuted into pure, raw, available energy. I felt highly energised and fully present.
The first time I went surfing after this I felt the butterflies in my stomach. I had to consciously feel into and embrace these sensations. I was able to change my internal atmosphere to one which welcomed the thrill of adventure.
Meanwhile I had been working regularly with a client with sound and watching him come deeper into his own sense of power and consequently making empowered decisions. One of these decisions was to begin playing rugby again in his mid-30s. We had been working on recognising the energy of fear by finding the exact sound that the fear felt like and watching it transform itself.
He had been selected to play A-grade rugby and this particular Saturday his team was playing against what he described as ‘massive giants’. He later said that just before he went onto the field he felt an overwhelming fear of being hurt (not being fit enough, not strong enough, too old). He fully felt into it and it totally disappeared, leaving him feeling confident. As a consequence he had a very good, physical game.
This helped me realise how naturally we can guide someone into territory once they have adventured there themselves. I learned how effective sound can be in creating new energetic pathways to let us to go beyond our fears.“
Chad Beckett, Australia