• ISBN 978-1-877 577871
  • 216 Pages
  • Colour photographs throughout
  • New case studies
  • Audio CD Included.
  • CD – Mind Body Spirit
  • Music & Sound Engineering
    by Kevin Clark

This ground breaking handbook on the human voice is a shape-shifter to your inner universe of freedom. Step-by-step Karina Schelde invites the reader to express that which leads to a more fulfilling, resonant and authentic life-style, connected strongly to soul.

The book contains self-healing voice practices, group exercises and rituals and is beautifully illustrated with a rich array of color photos. ENJOY the first chapter.

Karina Schelde offers us a “sound medicine” that is grounded in centuries of factual evidence provided by cultures both indigenous and contemporary. This is an excellent book on the uses of the voice as a healing instrument and I highly recommend it.
Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning


'Karina Schelde's captivating and beautifully illustrated book will make you sing, dance and laugh! This book is a manifestation of how to change your life and guides you step-by-step to discover the huge potential we all have in our innate voice.
Eve Hogan, author of Rings of Truth

Link from E-News April 2016

Soul Voice® Listening Exercise - Push play and enjoy!
Track 7: 9:23

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Listen to Karina guiding you into a fundamental Soul Voice exercise: 'Feeling is Healing'. Push play and enjoy!

Track 3: 08:50