Pure Vocals by Karina Schelde

A Pure Sound healing CD (without instruments), with extraordinary sounds and overtone chanting.
Journey through the 7 chakras in your body, from song #2 to song #8, and receive a direct Chakra sound healing alignment.

Even the most nervous and agitated of souls will find meditation easier with this music. Stunningly strung and pitched for meditation and healing, a deep echoing calling is present in the music.
Rainbow News Magazine, New Zealand

To hear Karina sing or sound is to open to a world of wonder. Her voice is truly an instrument of magic. That the human voice can make those sounds is almost unbelievable.
Mayanna Bock, therapist, USA

Surrounded by the sounds of Karina, inspires a remembering deep in my soul. Freeing all boundaries of limitations and feeling the joys of free expression. Her powerful and majestic energy allows for genuine reflection of pure potentiality of all humans...our innate voice.
Tara Grace, editor & business manager, USA

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Sound Scape: 3:56
Root Charkra: 2:14

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