Testimonials from Participants of the Soul Voice® Workshop - 2 Day

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"I have never before experienced a so " to the point" enlightening teaching in exactly what I needed"
Kristoffer, Denmark

"An extraordinary mix of deep experiences that offer challenges in a context which protects and allowed me to express and to free pains and infinite potentials"
Giorgio Gustavo Russo, Italy

This was the very first time in my life, where I really felt totally free !
Thank you so much.
"Wolfman" Dietmar , Germany

“I did the Soul Voice® workshop in Sydney and loved it so much that I flew to Queensland for the next one. By the end of the weekend I felt like I’d been on holiday for two weeks on a tropical island… I was so grounded & relaxed.”
Chad Beckett
, Australia

"Karina's teaching wakens you up to the enormous power and influence we have in our voice and breath. Karina has proven that what most of us take for granted, something as age-old and ancestral as the sound that comes out of our throats, can free us in this 21st century."
Chip Conley, USA

“A life transforming experience...this work has truly opened me to the
possibilities of my soul's infinite depths.”
Jessica Diamond, USA

“Personal, deep, transformational - It shakes the dead leaves form the tree of your being and awakens your inner potential.”
Michael Bradford , UK

“I've watched documentaries thinking, “Wow- wish I could connect with my voice enough to do that, it must take years.” and all it took was a weekend of wonder.”
Caroline, New Zealand

“My whole body was opened up to be a sound box, amazing!”
Edith, New Zealand

“I feel enormously humble by this introductory experience, the energy, the peace, and the mastery of Karina and how she opens so many doorways to healing and higher consciousness.”
Daniel Hancook, New Zealand

“Human voice is more profound than I imagined – the impact and the shifts that can occur are phenomenal...Karina is a dynamic woman, powerful & feminine. Sound resonance & vibration deeply shifted my perspective in life.”
Cherie, New Zealand

Words are hard to describe the deep, awakening experience of Karina’s Soul Voice® workshop. I was amazed by the transformational power of sound and delighted with a new respect and connection to my own voice. It was energizing, clarifying and in parts purely blissful. Listening to, experiencing and creating sound in the workshop opened the way to a stronger understanding of who I am and also a loving and deep self acceptance. Soul Voice® awakened my world dramatically to a most colourful, wonderful gift
which has had a lasting effect on my daily life. Relationships with my loved ones have become deeper and a wonderful sense of fun and childlike wonder has returned. I enjoy singing so much more and feel free to speak and live my truth.
Most importantly though, my ability to listen has grown and given me a whole new world of sounds so rich and alive and promising!
Thank you Karina for facilitating and creating such a nurturing, loving space for this transformation to be possible.
Amanda Teasdale - Australia

Karina = Charisma. It takes a special type of person to lead a course like this - so deep, so daring and yet so delicate. I felt I experienced and released some of the most mind-blowingly intense emotions I had ever accessed on a conscious level. The sounding shed light and insight where there was darkness and mystery. It also made me think deeply about certain patterns that I have learned.

I feel inspired that this type of work, should I dedicate myself to it, will actually liberate me in a way, which since entering adulthood, I had begun to conclude was simply not possible. I have certainly had moments during the integration process when I have felt truly free. On a practical level, sounding is a great way to release daily stress, while also allowing for a fun and light-hearted way to bond with my children. I feel especially excited about discovering my overtones.
Greer Quinn - Australia

The 2-day Soul Voice® workshop experience was one of release, healing, and transformation. It was unique and glorious and unlike anything I have ever done before. I went with the intention of maximizing the opportunity and it did not disappoint. Throughout the encouraging experience subtle changes were happening within my body and soul. While joining in the synergistic energy of everyone’s intentions, I felt uplifted and connected to a much deeper place within myself. As a result my voice is stronger, intuition keener, and a desire to connect to all that is within me strengthened. Do not miss it!
Holly Craig, USA

The Universe laid a magical path for me to Karina, and I have been deeply grateful since. The Soul Voice® workshop exceeded my expectations.With her soulful voice and compassionate guidance, Karina masterfully led us through and array of powerful exercises which set free buried issues, help us find our inner child and journey into the mystery. I highly recommend Karina's class to anyone interested in healing with sound.
Patricia, USA

I am so blessed to have experienced Karina who is an unbelievable gifted soul. The Soul Voice® Experience allowed a suppressed soul,me,to step beyond comfort due to human conditioning and into an experience of Joy-expression and Freedom it opened my world and allowed me to step out of my box. Gift yourself with this experience you'll never regret it.
Love and Blessings 
Pauline Twomey, Canada

I was deeply shamed as a child for expressing myself and have for most of my adult life been searching for a way to express myself again. I have finally found the pathway into my deepest expression and this happened by being in Presence with one of the most embodied, liberated women I have ever met, Karina Schelde.
The combination of Karina as an earth shaking grounded, empowered women with the ancient wisdom of sounding healing is beyond words and for me purely experiential. If you are ready she will take you to your core!! Karina is strong, direct and able to penetrate deeply yet so humble and Gracious with the loving arms of the Divine Mother.
After 2 Soul Voice® workshops in a row!! I feel the most confident and happy to be in my skin like I've ever experienced. I have such a wider range of expression and feeling the freedom of allowing to release my voice into song fills my heart to overflowing. I have been laughing full belly rolls pretty much every day and feel my inner child unleashed. People stare at me as I walk down the street they can sense something. I think it's my small taste of Freedom!! Thank you Karina for liberating yourself and sharing your journey with us!!
Love Divine

Karina’s Soul Voice® workshop was like a journey to another dimension for me. Having apparently sung to myself since infancy and throughout my childhood , and having worked as a singer for 10 years, and enjoyed being a member of several choirs, I was interested to see what I would experience from a Soul Voice® workshop. Everyone came for a different reason.. and often just to have the confidence to sing. I wondered how could someone learn to sing in a weekend workshop?
Karina dived straight beneath the surface of all appearances and showed us a deeper experience of authentic sound. Touching and challenging our heart and soul in a very primal (honest) way. I found a wonderful sense of equality within the group which Karina and her assistants help foster.
This workshop has given me a new appreciation of the importance of voice, which all cultures throughout time have used to express celebration, grief, power and healing. Thank you Karina.
Liz Schluter - New Zealand

I am so blessed to have attended the Soul Voice® two day workshop. The profound and subtle effects of this sacred healing work continue to manifest in my life. I feel more present in my body, grounded and peaceful in my heart. Relationships with my children, family and friends are deepening as I am more often able to appreciate their soul’s purpose and love these precious beings authentically; and asking how I can be of service to them. I am repairing and strengthening my connection to self with sacred sounds. I feel more compassion for humanity; and a growing connection to the earth and nature. For this I am truly grateful.
I have more clarity of thought, (with a corresponding decrease in anxiety and ADD symptoms) creativity flowing through (inspiration in art making) and acceptance of ‘what is’ in my life. Karina’s powerful visionary work and sacred sounds continue to inspire me to go within; to connect with the Divine and to trust what I find; to let go of fears, blockages and past trauma. I am grateful to have been given a taste of an incredibly practical healing modality that has the potential to transform lives. Thank you!  Elisu McCann – Australia

I thought I was living, I thought I knew.
In fact I was buried alive as I grew.
Soul Voice® opened the way to see, hear and feel beyond,
created between body, emotions and my voice a golden bond.
Now I sense marvellously every day,
"I must have been dead yesterday".
My soul's voice is the magic tool,
to be in front of challenges no longer a fool.
She brings me strength, creativity and laughter
... and I sound gratefully with her happily ever after.
Rebekka Specht - Switzerland 

I loved the Soul Voice® workshop with Karina. It went from losing my voice with the warming-up exercises on the first morning, to miraculously and very powerfully finding it back in the next exercise! This was exactly what I had come for - to find my voice. Now I really enjoy sounding at home while fixing breakfast, in the car on my way somewhere, as a break from working. It clears my head and I feel very energetic after doing it.
Marian van Daalen , New Zealand

"I want to express my gratitude for the profoundly powerful teaching along with the attunement and insights that transpires from Karina's work. Spring was setting the tone for the course, and Karina conveyed the message of Nature and the eternal cycles with equal beauty and profoundity. I felt Oneness vibrating within every sound and every cell - being called back into such presence was for me truly magical and liberating! Thanks from my Heart"
Hanne Nielsen, Denmark

“Terrific – only a few hours into the two-days workshop I was able to contact and release emotions, that I have not registered or felt since I was a very little girl. I felt such an incredible relief – impossible to express in words. Karina's presence and method made me feel free and safe to completely surrender to processes, that previously would have been unthinkable to me – due to prejudices, vanity and anxiety.
- I feel it as if I am learning a completely new language; a new and far more uninhibited way of getting in contact and communicate with myself (my unconscious self and my feelings), my body – and yes – the universe.”
Astrid Nora – Denmark

"What I discovered is so new and wonderful that it would be wasted time to live without it. It's never too much late to deepen, to be renewed and to live better: I asked for clarity, and now it is clear to me that I can go deeper and deeper. I'll never give up!"
Lydia Asioli, Italy

Everything is possible !
Walburga Maria – Germany

This seminar is an experience which I wish to everybody. I would like to shout: «explore your voice, let your real sounds be heard »
Christine Zeitlmayer, Germany

I discover my inner truth
I live my inner truth
I am my inner truth
Awaken your vitality and you start living it and being it !
Safe and protected each time deeper in my true Self.
Layer after layer I notice more of my real Self, of my real power.
It has been such a long time I wanted to express myself, such a long time did I try to keep my power back !
I am really grateful for this wonderful work !
I am looking forward to going even deeper in my real Self !
Sabine Buchner, Austria

“Karina took us to another world...a sound-scape that my body ancient remembered. Sounds of whales moaned through me, ancient chants lit my tongue, my throat and heart burned with these sounds, new to this body but not my soul. We ranged from growling, gurgling, screaming, crying, laughing and celestial singing. I was deeply moved by this work: I know now that I want to be a sound healer and Karina is a teacher extraordinary.”
Kendra Rose, USA

“Standing within the sounds of Karina, inspires a remembering deep in my soul. Freeing all boundaries of limitations and feeling the joys of free expression, Karina's powerful and majestic energy allows for genuine reflection of pure potentiality of all humans...our innate voice.”
Tara Grace,USA

“Sounding with Karina is... You can picture in your mind what is on the other side of the cliff, but you do not know until you take a personal leap of faith.”
Suzanne Davenport,USA

“Karina embodies the energy of the Earth's magic. She is so present, everything move before her. I became aware of myself as a vibration and as an instrument. This work has truly opened me to the possibilities of my soul's infinite depth.”
Jessica Diamond,USA

“I have a whole new perspective on my reality now: I see or rather sense vibration consciously, in a 'sober' state, for the first time.
Jaimar Oldfather, USA

“Karin's incredible voice has a strength so great that the vibrations of the sounds wend completely through my body. Her SOUNDS are the most powerful and effective that I have ever experienced.”
Susan Osborne,USA

“Karina led me through the fog and into clarity on some major life issues. She brings all of her wisdom and techniquesinto this process or sounding for the purpose of true healing.”
Susan Lang, USA

“I responded to Karina's encouragement and support to be in my power and present with more of myself than I have ever imagined. I felt my edges and blocks surrendering into being with sound, which opened my energy flow and enabled deep healing and fully aliveness.”
Susan Werner, USA

My experience at the Soul Voice® workshop was one I will never forget. Through my own voice i was able to access such a deep place inside myself. I experienced profound insights, transformations and healings that were so powerful and necessary for my life. I find this work to be some of the most powerful happening on the planet right now, and feel it is one of the most direct ways to transform who we are not and awaken into who we truly are! This is the time and this work will assist in getting there.
Naia, USA

Testimonials from Participants of ADVANCED SOUND INITIATION , 5 day residential workshop

Karina holds the energy of her workshops so strongly and tightly it creates such a solid vessel through which one can safely enter into the depths of self quickly and easily (although it didn’t always feel easy at the time). There were times when I thought I had gone deep enough and along came Karina to prompt and encourage me even deeper. I trust Karina implicitly. Her Presence seems to be composed of something very solid & trustworthy and I innately knew I was held within a sacred healing container.
I am astounded at how intuitive, real, and courageous Karina is and I am absolutely inspired by her work and how she works.
Karina weaves the threads of dynamic energy from beginning to end of workshop and this continues post workshop. I look forward to my journey into the “Practitioners’ Certification Programme”.
Thank you Karina & thank you to all the amazing Assistants who give so much to us.
Jenny Glover South Australia

“Joy, peace, love, lightness, curiosity, desire to communicate, to hug, to tell: all new, all powerful, all possible because its clear, beautiful, moving and true.
Inside me there is a blender which dazzles me & makes me love this sensational and rewarding new life... such a mixture of new & vibrant colours of intense light never seen before or felt.
This is how I feel now, and I powerfully sail in this seducing ‘cosmic’ sea. My feet stand on a world ancient and new… is it a miracle? This is what I felt and feel after the 5 days seminar.
Thank you Karina, sublime and powerful teacher, thank you life friends, with whom I shared and got through such intense experiences...Thank you because you made me live again. I keep you all in my heart, every day.
From heart to heart ”
Lyda Asioli , Italy

“I thought that, by participating in the 2 days Soul Voice® seminar in Florence, I was giving a "present" to my wife for her birthday. Instead, she was the one who gave me, as a present, the possibility to know the Soul Voice®. It was a very deep experience because I thought my voice was unpleasant and off-key, but there I experienced my vocal cords vibrating, although with some difficulty, in harmony with other voices of the group to give voice to my soul. Out of this came the decision to participate to the 5 days in Pettenasco. 5 days of intense emotional work, knowledge of myself as a person and of my ability to listen to myself, going far beyond the psychological limit in order not to suffer. It was like going on a roller coaster: emotions of grief, euphoria and deep reflection sounded in me quickly, almost frantically, as if I was a loudspeaker amplifying my inner vibrations and letting out a unique sound towards the Sky and The Earth- our Father and Mother. Moreover, I arrived as a single person but today I found inside me a mosaic of voices as well as the consciousness of being allowed to talk about grief, hates, non acceptance, anger, forgiveness & using my voice to give and receive. Finally, I resolved my conflict with time which absorbed every single moment of my life I found there is time for me, so that my life can go at my own pace giving a new sense of this new dimension.
There was nothing magic in this, only Karina and her Assistants who masterfully let us appreciate the knowledge of the power of the Soul Voice®. ”
Marco Lugaresi, Italy

What I mostly want to testify is love, LOVE..
I understood that, when each of us looks carefully inside himself/herself with courage and sincere compassion, what he/she finds is only and exclusively love. I understood that our deepest root is pure love and that it is a single root, common to everyone.
“There are extensions, structured in many levels, twisted and clutched in marshy landscapes but at the same time there is simple and beautiful love.”
This is the greatest gift I received from this seminar…
And I finally found my roots through my sound.
I must admit that Karina's masterful way to lead all this really surprised me. Karina's directions are well structured and rooted and her talent was able to bring us into our obscure and painful past times. Then, with the same masterful attention she made us willing to go towards a new life in fully trust.
Thank you. The first thing I did when I was back was to celebrate myself for a while day … Thank you: with that LOVE… ”
Claudia Maltoni, Italy

“Learning to give and receive sound healing has opened a whole new exciting world for me and generated some unexpected benefits.For years I have lived with tension in my neck and shoulders due to an extremely tight block of muscles in the mid-thoracic area of my back. Even the combined treatment from osteopaths and a skilled massage therapist, was not able to soften this patch of hardwood in my back.
After attending Karina’s Sound Initiation Workshop I revisited my massage therapist and discovered that my tight block of muscles had started to soften and relax and she was able to deeply massage this area and bring flexibility back to my back for the first time in years. “It was like I had been given a new back!”. I know that the sound healing I received was the source of this deep healing and I’m looking forward to see what other unexpected benefits start to occur in my life.”
Robert Barrack-Wellington NZ

“I found the five-day sound retreat interesting & inspiring. Karina a master of sound, allows you to work on all levels, physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. From the very real, pain relief, to the surreal & quite profound levels of heightened awareness. A wonderful experience.”
Kevin Hammersley, New Zealand

“It was great to reconnect with my SPARK I had long lost her. It was inspiring to watch Karina courageously help us through our processes.”
Ora Lefebvre, New Zealand

“My life has truly begun to transform after 5 timeless intensive days of the Sonic shower of Healing! I have so much more joy, enthusiasm, and presence-presents. I am inspired to be my authentic self! I am grateful for the safe, compassionate, expansive space Karina holds and the leadership you demonstrate with love kindness and wisdom! It is truly a gift to re-connect with you and my true self at this powerful transformational time and space on the planet! Thank you for the gift of Soul Voice®!”
Isha, New Zealand

“Karina’s 5-day workshop was amazing for me..."Sound healing" was the quickest method of getting to the source of your problem I have ever seen… I found it quick and effective...and totally profound...with resolution in knowing my self even more and clarity of my direction...lots of love to you Karina.”
Joanne Ratima, New Zealand

“The sound initiation workshop was a great experience for me. I felt like having time off, time just for me, and this for 5 full days! I not only relaxed and looked younger, but I also enjoyed interacting with other participants and being guided by Karina and her two helpers through a full-on, well-structured sounding and look-into-yourself program. I especially felt uplifted, when we had time for playfulness. That was great fun. I find it amazing how much you can do with sounds!

Shortly after the workshop my choir performed. I sang a Russian song together with two men and my part was well received besides two male voices. My voice has definitely become stronger and more resonant through attending Karina's workshop.”
Renate van Eckert, New Zealand

“Karina is a divinely inspired, highly experienced, dedicated and skillful teacher in many different ways. Her Heart Presence and clear guidance has reflected back to me the level of trust that it takes for me to open up and liberate my heart and soul in front of a whole group. Experiencing myself reflected by such a strongly anchored group of people and all of their healing journeys, I have become willing to heal all aspects of living family, my blood family as well as the collective, ancestral and universal family that we are all part of and connected to on planet Earth. I have finally anchored myself in the ancient lineage of The Feminine. Returning to the innocence, wisdom and true power of the Feminine is the foundation for peace, freedom and eternal happiness. Thank You Karina, for the courage to hold us all and guide us through the individual and collective labyrinths of our souls, so that my breath and the Sound could penetrate into the core of my body's resonance to a lifetime where everything was in accordance with nature.”
Sibylla Meckel, New Zealand

“Karina's caring and intuitive personality made it possible for me to open up completely and surrender to the process of making contact with those places in my Being which needed looking at. The transformations that have happened since the workshop are incredible.”
Marijke Klumpers, New Zealand

“Although sound and the impact of the human voice has fascinated me it wasn't until I attended Karina's seminars that I realised the powerful impact of voice and sound on oneself and the environment. Coming from a healing background one of the most exciting discoveries under Karina's guidance was the ability to diagnose and treat a person in a holistic way using my 'sounding' voice.”
Dr Melva Martin, New Zealand

I had the most amazing time of my life at Sound Initiation and am really looking forward to “The Soul Voice® Practitioners Certification Programme”.
I have been revisiting the things I used to love doing and had put down or off or denied as desires! I am rediscovering my amazing creativeness and playfulness and am pursing my music, singing and dancing.I feel I can be more authentic with others and accept myself for the place I am at right now on my journey. I have lots to be proud of and have the power to do amazing things for others. I am a healer!
Chris Adams, New Zealand

“Sound Initiation was vital nourishment for the blossoming of my entire being. There is not any aspect of my being that did not grow TREMENDOUSLY in these few days. I attribute this growth to Karin's skilled teaching and to the power of the sound to penetrate and heal ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Thank you so much.”
Julia Papps, USA

“Sound Initiation for me was what brought me into myself. For the first time in 38 years I finally found myself walking freely in my world. The sacred work undertaken with love, compassion and support had enabled me to clear a backlog of debris. Karina's ability to facilitate this workshop in love and with acceptance encouraged my process to truly breathe for the first time consciously and with love for all life. The miracles that have opened up since have amazed and surprised me. I have truly lightened up physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. My family has benefited from the healing techniques learnt and my spirit now soars with such freedom as I have never before felt. Karina, a shamanic angel, gives unconditionally and encourages the very best from all her students. She is truly a magnificent woman who uses her self selflessly to create an opening for the creator to touch and work deeply on many levels, not only for the individual but also for the whole of humanity itself. Thank you so much.
Lisa Lister, New Zealand

Throughout the Sound Initiation I felt old holding patterns that were obstructing my full integration of my soul into my body dissolve and melt away. I felt my divine blueprint being empowered to anchor my truest self-expression that fully nurtures my soul's potential to be of service on the planet. This initiation has supported my essence to have a clear pathway to move throughout my physical presence AHHHH!”
Amber, USA

“It is difficult to find words potent enough to describe my experience of the Sound Initiation Retreat. I have off-loaded decades worth of baggage and reminded myself of the feeling of spontaneity, freedom and playfulness as when I was a very young child. I feel I have a much purer connection to the earth, myself and what is true and right for me to do in the world. I have tapped into my inner power, which is explosive, and I now have a tool to bring me back to the clarity and freedom experienced at the Sound Retreat. It is empowering for me to have access to sound as something I can do to heal myself, to get clear! , to push away other people's stuff that I no longer wish to take on board, to change negative energy around me. I can't recommend Karina's workshop enough - she is the best facilitator and creator of group that I have ever worked with. Five days of working on yourself, others and world healing is a special gift to yourself - the world can only be a better place as a result of your attendance. Possibility is excitingly back in my life and I look forward to you having that experience too!!”
Brenda Larkin, New Zealand

“A transforming experience, a true internal "house cleaning" that vibrated away life long blocks and patterns; I now feel whole, eager and confident to pursue an active path as a teacher and a healer. I haven't found any other healing modalities that match sound healing in both effectiveness and fun.”
Bob Gersky, USA

“Sound Initiation is precise and accelerated journey into the essence of creation. I experienced deep personal truth. I am hopeful and confident of the healing of planet earth because of Karin and her Sound Initiation work.”
Mahalo Nui Loa Faith, USA

“I feel like the old skins of 'poor me' have peeled away with the power of these sounds and transformed me into a radiant heart being.”
Kendra Rose Hunter, USA

“I have begun to see sound expressed as light waves and shapes. My body feels lighter and clear. My heart feels open and my joy bubbles up within me. Thank you for the gift of sound and silence.”
Veronika Chardon, USA

“Wow! I feel big possibilities with an awesome ‘now’ experience. Yeah! Born Again! Yo! You want to go for it? You go!”
Mica, USA

“I am truly amazed at how a flyer on a bulletin board sent me into the deep journey that is now transforming my lifeMy deepest thanks to Karina and life.”
Liza Walling, USA

“Karina's workshop has expanded my whole being - not only my voice and sounds. I am finding that I am "being" in the world differently than before the training. My "queen of justice" comes out to speak her truth more in a compassionate, loving way, yet with a confidence that surprises me sometimes. The personal growth work is crucial to becoming a sound healer and the work is hard, growth-full and exciting. Thank you, Karina.”
Joa Agnello, USA

”At the first two days Soul Voice® workshop in Milano it was already clear to me how powerful sounding can be. After the 5 days Sound Initiation I made the ‘big jump’. My life changed completely! I discovered my inner voice and I decided to listen to this voice. I experienced a phenomenal opening of my heart and a deep feeling of compassion and emptiness. By sounding every day I also can hear the calling from the Universe and it became clear to me that I don’t want to miss the great opportunity to go deeper and learn more about the Soul Voice® technique by Karina.

To be in my power means to feel joy and inner peace and to flow with the sounding waves of my voice. See you at Soul Voice® Practitioners in Europe!”
Amira, Switzerland

 “I am brought back in time and space in pure remembrance; my Sound Medicine Woman got completely reborn in all of my cells to serve this planet. Each day was a new Initiation that took me to unknown places and surprised me! I now know WHO I TRULY AM; sound is an incredible wisdom, I am amazed and in awe. THANK YOU Karina.”
Grateful woman, Italy

“Sound and authentic love is the highest medicine I now know; thanks to Sound Initiation. I also found for the first time in my life ‘my REAL inner home’ due to such a safe and trustful environnement that was created. Now I can travel wherever I want, without being attached to a physical home, and that is very big for me.”
Hanne, Denmark

”Soul Voice® is the inner call of the original creative intention of your inherent divine intelligence. Karina is a skilled and professional researcher going deep into the realm of sound in a never ending exploration of the holographic and kaleidoscopic nature of this vibrational dimension. Karina unfolds the spiritual and healing properties of human voice through a transmutation process originating from silence and enhancing to the full expression of the creative power of sound.
The more you will render to the natural integration forces rather than sticking to your ego, the more you will experience being sounded by your voice as a divine instrument expressing the source creative intention. The nature of this work is ritual, it takes place in a sacred space, that is the workshop room, a treatment room or the natural environment itself, it is celebrated in a temple, that is your body, and it results in offering a prayer, that is your voice sound, honouring your divine birth right and your divine duty to be part of the rectification process of universe. Simply put, you will just feel and enjoy your being alive by recovering the obliterated part of your true self and related life force.”
Sergio “Sir Joe” - Italy

“This Nordic Gnostic is the real deal - as authentic and alive as they come. In her workshop, she creates an atmosphere of loving intensity- arising from an outstanding and gifted healer. Her passion for personal and planetary healing is rare and all-embracing. Karina Schelde lives, breathes, talks and walks her work.”
Robin Brew, New Zealand

“Since I’ve been doing the Soul Voice® work with Karina I feel I’m a new woman. I have rediscovered my own personal magic that has lay dormant for many, many years. I delved deep into the ocean of sabotage and suppressed emotion and emerged calm, centred and “new”. I have stepped back into my body after not completely being comfortable in it. Long held onto emotions that no longer serve me have been released through this work. I am setting clearer boundaries in all my relationships and I can actually say “No” without feeling guilty. At times the exercises that Karina took us through left my entire body buzzing with the energy of joy, peace and “newness”. People in all aspects of my life have noticed a difference in my attitudes, energy and most important, the way in which I express myself….. my Authentic Self. I recommend Karina’s work to EVERYONE. Ahhhhhhhhh, thank you Karina!!!”
Melissa McCormack, Australia

“This sound intensive was a call to remembrance…..it took me on a journey to the core of my being.
Wow!! to sing and sound our joy, sadness, grief, ecstacy is such a natural way of being. I connected deeply with the primal energy of our earth mother…and she bought me home….to my body, my soul and my mission. I am deeply grateful to Karina for this amazing work she is anchoring on the earth and for her loving presence, support and inspiration during this truly transformational week………AAhhhhhhh!!”
Oriya, Australia