Presentations, Classes, Gatherings & Online Events

A Presentation/Conference is a ‘taster’ of the Soul Voice® method. It is an intentional gathering and with an initial introductory of the work followed by practicing simple, yet effective Soul Voice® exercises. The presentation could also take form of a mini-workshop with a stronger focus on doing practices.

Soul Voice® Classes: A 90 minutes Class, may be set up for you to join on a regular basis. It consists of a series of Soul Voice® practices & is a mixture of individual practices, couple practices & practices for the whole group For the participants it can be a way to refresh the exercises and to come into a regular routine, practice and commitment to the Soul Voice® method.

For any Soul Voice® Gatherings or Online Events please check the calendar

 There is a longing in human beings to fully

 open up their voice, to communicate the truth.

 There is a cry deep within our hearts that wants to be heard,

 a longing to free our greatest potential through the voice.

 It is one of the most powerful tool available for the

 healing of humanity and in significantly shifting consciousness.