Presentations, Classes, Gatherings & Online Events

A Presentation/Conference is an introduction of the Soul Voice® method. It is an intentional gathering where the facilitator summarises the method and then demonstrates some simple, yet effective Soul Voice® exercises.

The presentation could also take form of a mini-workshop with a stronger focus on doing practices.

Soul Voice® Classes: 

A 90 minutes Class, may already be set up for you to join on a regular basis in your area. It will consist of a series of Soul Voice® practices which can involve individual, couple or group participation . It is an opportunity to refresh the exercises and to come into a more regular routine of practice and commitment to yourself in context to the Soul Voice® method. Please check in with Practitioners and Teachers in your area/country as to their offerings.  See more

*Classes may also be facilitated online

Mini Workshops:


Emerge yourself in the joy of free expression! Unleash & liberate your soul’s expression ~ listen & soar in your potential.

This is an introduction to a series of simple yet effective Soul Voice® practices to enhance clearer communication, inner listening, the release of stress & physical/emotional pain involving powerful self-sound-healing tools.


‘The VOICE is one of the most powerful tools available.

For the healing of humanity

And in significantly shifting consciousness’


 – Karina Schelde

Soul Voice® Events & Projects ~ Live & Online

It is our intention to make some of our  Collective Projects & Events  available online.

Please check the Calendar

21st of April:

Launching A Global Sound Healing Meditation


YOU are invited to JOIN US in a Unique Experience on the Virtue of JOY at 9pm 

in Your Time- Zone


An amazing opportunity to feel yourself uplifted through the guidance of Karina Schelde on a selected VIRTUE that will speak to your soul and body, thus allowing you to embody a deeper understanding of the qualities of this Virtue through sound healing, both to yourself as well as telepathically.

The 21st  of each month:


will be posted


JOIN US at 9pm in your time-zone no matter where you are located.

We have the intention to create a powerful and significant wave of intentional sound healing for our precious blue-green planet, in UNITY & HARMONY.


21 is a sacred number of transformation, evolution and unity.

As we co-create, so shall we move mountains’

It is also recommended to eventually continue the VIRTUE practice every day for the following 21 days. Repetition is always done with clear consciousness and intention.

Launching  Active Soul Voice® Sound Healing Concert

Saturday June 29, 2024

in ‘Koncertkirken’ (‘the Concert Church’), Copenhagen, Denmark

@ 19.30 – 21.30


For more info please contact


You can purchase ticket for LIVE streaming (online):

To purchase ticket for LIVE streaming (online):

For any Soul Voice® Gatherings or Online Events please check the calendar

 There is a longing in human beings to fully

 open up their voice, to communicate the truth.

 There is a cry deep within our hearts that wants to be heard,

 a longing to free our greatest potential through the voice.

 It is one of the most powerful tool available for the

 healing of humanity and in significantly shifting consciousness.