karina schelde

Welcome to a voice modality that calls for greater meaning of life. Consider that one of the best ways for us to connect to our soul and higher calling in life is to literally free the voice! I believe there is a cry, a call, deep within our hearts that wants to be heard. We long to liberate our voice potential and rediscover the grandeur of who we truly are as a force of the highest vibration and creation. I invite you to Voice and Sound your Destiny...


Soul Voice® is now being taught in over 20 countries with a worldwide community of professional Practitioners & Teachers, who have created a strong support network around the planet for YOU to be a part of. We invite you to CELEBRATE with us and partake of the many offers our website brings you.

To book a one-on-one session with a Certified Practitioner, please follow this LINK.

Karina offers Conferences & Soul Voice® Experience seminars as an introductory to the Soul Voice® Method.

Karina has authorized and accredited Soul Voice® Teachers to facilitate the 2 Day Soul Voice® Workshop and the 5 Day Advanced Sound Initiation, which are introductory workshops compulsory for the Educational Programme, the Practitioners’ Certification Programme, PCP taught by the founder Karina Schelde.
The Soul Voice® Practitioners Certification Programme is now taught in 5 seminars of 8 or 9 days and over a period of 2 ½ years. Click here for more information

Karina’s Accredited Teachers are also invited to create their own composition of Soul Voice® Workshops, named Soul Voice® Experience Seminars. These are aimed at specific industries, institutions or organizations with topics, that call the individual teacher.

Teacher Training Programmes take place in Europe and Australasia.

To become a Certified Practitioner is an extraordinarily accelerated and adventurous journey, into the very core of your being, which offers a wide spectrum of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual practices. It enables each person to explore their unique creative vocal expression and boundless potential, to embody and manifest their complete presence and vision on Planet Earth. The education is a focused and committed undertaking and will enable you to professionally facilitate one-on-one sessions with clients. Click here for more information

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The Soul Voice® Practitioners’ Programme takes currently place in Europe every 2 years.

The Soul Voice® organisation is built on creating Community, which not only supports and inspires students, practitioners and teachers to soar in their dedicated personal self development, but also encourages manifesting collective visions and projects for humanity. Our service is one of compassion, so that each person we touch, is supported to live their ultimate potential, truth and expression into freedom.

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Be inspired by an 5 minutes video about the Soul Voice® method with KARINA.