We have a rich selection of authorised and accredited Soul Voice® Teachers who will be happy to advise you further on your choice to embark upon the Soul Voice® journey.

Soul Voice® Teachers' Schedule

Once you have taken the two introductory workshops, the 2 day Soul Voice® & the 5 day Advanced Sound Initiation, facilitated by Karina's Accredited Teachers you may apply to start the Practitioners’ Certification Programme, PCP. An upgraded 2 year educational program with 4 seminars leading to become a Professional Soul Voice® Practitioner, which includes an 8 days, 11 days, 15 & 9 days workshops is being launched in 2018.

The Soul Voice® method teaches you to go to your core depths through structured physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual exercises and techniques, designed to enable the practitioner to develop their own unique intuitive vocal expression and boundless healing potential. The ancient wisdom is coded in our cellular memory, our DNA in sound frequencies and serves as an ultimate guide to develop intuition, remembrance and higher consciousness. You will unravel your history and karmic patterns, connect with ancestral roots and the indigenous essence of your true self.

I believe, sound medicine will play a tremendous role in the future, helping to transform society and break down the barriers that no longer serve our evolution towards planetary peace, spiritual truth and optimal freedom.

The Soul Voice® PCP incorporates a huge variety of practical & effective tools, practices & techniques, harvested & fine-tuned from my professional development, research and teaching over the last 30+ years. The Soul Voice® method has shown therapeutic effectiveness for most human conditions & issues of a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual character.

To become a Certified Practitioner is a focused and committed undertaking. The rewards and the fulfillments are beyond what you could ever imagine. It is an incomparable gift to give yourself and humanity. A skilled practitioner has worked and healed herself/himself on a very deep soul level in order to facilitate gracefully and with full integrity for others.

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I am honored to welcome YOU to join us on this magnificent and life transforming journey.
With respect and compassion. Karina

Karina's worldwide schedule

If you wish to receive the flier including all content of the PCP education, please contact the organizer, Maria Gisela Locatelli, kumanisoulvoice@gmail.com