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Veronika Busch
Whatever situation you find yourself in, you have the choice as to the path you embrace. Take the Soul Voice® journey and break through your blocks once and for all. I will give you a nurturing environment in which you can reconnect with your true self. As well as working with adults I also have a passion facilitating sessions for children and adolescents.
Languages: English and German

Phone: + 43 664 3426915
Email: instinctivesounds@gmail.com


Denmark, Copenhagen/Vestsjaelland

Birgitte Helena Winther
Your magical Voice is calling you! Dare to step into this wonderful Universe, your inner Universe guided by your innate Voice. The Soul Voice® method is a strong and powerful path to walk and you will receive so much more than you have ever dreamt of. Sing out! Sound out! Take back your birthright of Freedom!

Phone: +45 50 59 09 60
Email: kontakt@kraftsang.dk
Web: www.kraftsang.dk

Denmark - Copenhagen

Judy Yodit Solomon
A traumatic childhood and lack of self-love, is what brought me to where I am today. The Soul Voice® method gave me tools to overcome fear of self-expression, fear of setting clear boundaries, tools for healing and forgiving my past to finally reconnect with my voice and discover my powerful healing instrument.
My biggest mission is to help women reconnect with their passion and life purpose. I offer tools to support them to cultivate self-worth, gain clarity and help to create freedom & balance in their private and professional life.

Phone: +45 26663338
Email: judy@solomonsoundhealing.com
Web: www.solomonsoundhealing.com

Denmark - Vordingborg

Ulla Maglekilde Jerrebo
I am the catalyst for my clients so they will be able to rediscover their true essence. I am the enzyme which enables them to develop by themselves. The final goal being…..that they and I are able to be in touch with all feelings and being able to sound and release them! When you release, you forgive yourself.

Phone: +45 20946993
Email: maglekilde@nyraad.net
Web: www.maglekilde.com

Denmark - Hornbaek

Yasmin Elvira Steenholdt
The power of your soul and the power of your voice, is coming alive through our sessions. You will be more awake, more alive, more YOU. My 25 years as a singer, combined with Soul Voice® will help, heal and support you. We will work with your inner visions, dreams and balance whatever needs to be balanced. Contact me through my web.

Phone: +45 28771751
Email: yasmin@yasminelvira.dk
Web: www.yasminelvira.dk


Germany - Augsburg

Marion Pütz
The answer lies within your unique voice! You want to find out about your deeper calling of your life? Soul Voice® is a strongly touching voice-work-process, allowing you to detach from unnecessary ballast and transform into the vision of your heart and soul. I am happy to assist you on your way of using a very potent medicine for your personal blossoming.

Phone: +49 821 262 19 46
Email: info@marion-puetz.de
Web: www.marion-puetz.de

Germany - Göttingen

Kaja Benala Schellenberg
I'm an animal communicator. Sound helps me to understand on a deeper level. Sounding… Transforms pain and emotion. Clears off all issues, even karma. Extracts extraneous energy. Brings missing soul-parts back. Sound helps me to accompany dying and goodbye. Sound is my tool for healing, transition and growth. I will sound for you and your animals.

Phone: 0049(0)551-7975695
Email: kaja@erdklang.eu
Web: www.erdklang.eu

Germany -

Marieke Vissier
With Soul Voice®, with my soul and with my voice, I feel deeply connected to all the elements and all there is on Mother Earth and in this Universe. To be so fully open and in deep trust, is the biggest gift my voice gave me. I can live, give and I can receive from the purest source! Being in love with my life and everything it brings me!! You can have this too. Exciting .....

Phone: +49 1753 4519 182
Email: marieke@stimmkammer.de
Web: www.Stimmkammer.de



Anne Marie Hynes
I look forward to helping you accept yourself exactly as you are in this exact moment, guiding you to discover the root of your issues and healing them together; using sound vibrations and inner positivity. I will support you as you dive in and allow yourself to be truly free, authentically expressing your own inner sounds. Through the Soul Voice® method you can learn to Love Yourself, You Are Divine.

Phone: (00353) 87 7629121
Email: anniehynes@gmail.com


Italy - Florence

Maria Cristina Franzoni
Non possiamo continuare a vivere combattendo contro le nostre radici di Vita. Non possiamo continuare ad essere i primi nemici di noi stessi... troppo dolore! È tempo di rivolgerci alla nostra voce e al metodo Soul Voice® che dà organizzazione e struttura al suo potere così da poter leggere le pagine del nostro libro interiore e raccontare cosa lì è scritto. In profondo rispetto per il percorso di ognuno io offro il mio supporto, esperienza, apprezzamento e conoscenza multisfacettata per questo cammino di riconnessione.

Phone: +39 328 0448407
Email: franzoni.mc@gmail.com
Web: www.franzonikoine.com

Italy - Florence

Renate Lechler
Take life as a challenge to grow. Transform your fear and let your potential awake. The voice is the way. I will guide you to reconnect with Soul Voice®. I have lived in the hills of the Tuscany since 1977. Discover your inner voice in the middle of the sounds of nature. I offer individual sessions on my energetic place between big crystals, at a natural lake, or in a special protected and harmonious room. Languages: German, Italian, English and French.

Phone: +39 055 8361351
Phone: +39 328 8169328
Email: orbsparga@gmail.com
Web: www.renatelechler.net/

Italy - Forli

Viria Romagnoli
There is only one way to change the world around you and it is through changing the world within you. So if you are ready to make a wonderful journey, discovering your own unique voice, healing old wounds and assisting you to shine free, call me and we can make things happen. Your voice is the key to the change. Sessions in Italian and English

Phone: +39 3391398081
Email: info@cerchiodiarmonia.it
Web: www.cerchiodiarmonia.it

Italy - Reggio Emilia

Adelgunde Müller
My conscious spiritual search began 33 years ago and since then I have experimented with many therapies & healing methods. Soul Voice® brought all these experiences together as one, like a mosaic. Now I can clearly see my mission & my vision. I'm ready and willing to accompany you on your journey "from the mind to the heart", into your depths and your heights, in order to find yourself, your real Self. Languages: Italian, German, English

Phone: 0039 331 1060 263
Email: info@adelgunde.com

Italy - Milazzo

Maria Rosa Piraino
Forgiveness, acceptance & letting go of false attachments that tie down Soul that would like to fly on the resonant waves of the existence: this happened in my consciousness working with the Soul Voice® method. I discovered that my voice is the resonance that reconnects me to all, beyond dimensions. I am ready to help you, with love, so that you can find your inner sound to live a full and real life.

Phone: +39 3357608946
Email: pirainomariarosa@virgilio.it

Italy - Forli

Marco Lugaresi
I allowed myself to become a Soul Voice® Practitioner letting go of old layers of emotions and discovering a new way of communication with myself using my voice in wider and deeper tones. Now this path allows me to better the life’s quality of those who are willing to discover and free the energy of their heart and soul, stimulating and reinforcing their own natural resources.

Phone: +39 335 5219989
Email: info@cerchiodiarmonia.it
Web: www.cerchiodiarmonia.it

Italy - Sicily

Carmencita Catania
For 35 years I have dedicated myself to working and supporting children and their mothers. Through the Soul Voice® Method I will assist you in recognizing your own power and assets; to accept and use them in your daily life. I will support the vital force within you with love and empathy! I am available for individual sessions and groups; in schools, communities or wherever there is need. Contact me to work with your children.

Phone: 334 8727143
Email: Carmencita_7@hotmail.it

Italy - Cesenatico

Gianluca Franchini
Becoming a Soul Voice® Practitioner has been my biggest achievement through listening to my heart. Soul Voice® helped me to feel the power of my heart, to realize my dreams, to express my greatest talent; MY VOICE, and be free to be what I am with joy and love. I would love to help you discover the power of your voice, to express yourself fully, to love, to sing, to enjoy life and live it to light your real dreams and desires.

Phone: 00 39 370 3149126
Email: gfranchini01@gmail.com
Facebook: Gianluca Franchini-Dai Voce alle Tue Emozioni
Web Site: www.gianlcafranchini.com

Italy - Forli

Lyda Delia Asioli
I have reached a milestone and decisive point of my life through meeting Karina Schelde Soul Voice® Founder. My long life has not been the same since then. I discovered a divinity in myself through sound, helping me to liberate from inner boulders, giving me harmony, joy and happiness. Now that Sound has awakened my deepest spirit, my soul offers to help those who, like me, need Soul Voice® to get out of the darkness in order to enjoy a Harmonious, happy and successful life. Sounds of Love and Peace to everyone.

Phone: +39 3389082520
Email: lydadeliaasioli@gmail.com

Italy - Casteggio

Michael Schötensack
What we most need today, is to find a way to increase consciousness and the capacity to love. Our voice is a powerful instrument that guides us on the way towards ourselves, towards this place of inner peace and harmony that gives us clear vision of ourselves and others and allows love to blossom. Come and uncover the true voice of your soul!

Phone: +393 487272048
Email: m.schotensack@gmail.com

Italy - Catanzaro

Salvatore Belfiore
I can help you to listen and recognize your true divine nature. I found myself, like you, looking for something that was able to channel all the energy I had inside...Soul Voice ® is that something! 
Stop procrastinating! Your voice is the magic key to access what you have always wanted and wished for yourself ... "Just" LEAP! Remember that you won't be alone ... I'm here to support you. Contact me to book a private session in Italian or English, also via Skype. 

Phone: + 380 2560636
Email: cagliostro_80@hotmail.it

Carpi (MO), Italy

Maria Gisella Locatelli
La voce non mente, va oltre. Dopo 16 anni di ricerca praticando varie tecniche, il Soul Voice® si è rivelato il metodo più diretto ed efficace per raggiungere le verità nascoste dentro di me e mi ha portata, attraverso l’autenticità, a riconnettermi con il mio Sè più profondo. Durante una seduta di Soul Voice® puoi lavorare sia a livello fisico che emozionale in un ambiente sicuro e accogliente. Sarò onorata di guidarti in questo viaggio dentro di te. Conosco il sentiero: è lo stesso che ho percorso io.

Phone: +39 333 5835899
Email: info@kumani.it

Santa Sofia (FC), ITALY

Simona Bandini
Solo l'amore di madre natura poteva donarci uno strumento così potente per renderci liberi: il suono della nostra voce. Siamo nati per cavalcare ogni emozione nell'espressione piena di noi stessi e della nostra anima. Ogni momento è quello giusto per scegliere di ritrovarsi , riconnettersi con la vita, percorrere con gioia e abbondanza il proprio cammino ritrovando in ogni passo l'amore per se stessi. La mia intenzione è di supportarvi in questo meraviglioso viaggio.
Sessioni in italiano, inglese e spagnolo.

Phone: +39 3341959498
Email: bandinisimona71@gmail.com

Forli, ITALY

Paola Riccobon
La voce è uno strumento multidimensionale che collega tutte le nostre realtà: quando il nostro cuore è aperto, il nostro scopo è chiaro e la nostra intenzione è incontaminata, possiamo espandere e raggiungere il nostro potere ultimo e aprire al nostro pieno potenziale. Attraverso le singole sessioni sarò lieto di portarvi lungo questo meraviglioso percorso di ulteriore conoscenza di voi stessi e di tutta la tua espressione. Per me anche questa è una scoperta continua e straordinaria, nonché un percorso di guarigione.

Phone: 00 39 0543 31449
Phone: 00 39 335 467099
Email: riccobon.paola@gmail.com
Facebook: Centro di Terapie del Corpo

Venice, ITALY

Paola Benvenga
May you be called by the Voice of God inside you. May you be called by the Guidance that has always lived within you, when you’ve been happy and when you’ve been lost. May you feel the necessity to express your truth and break your chains. May you let your volcano explode! You and your creativity, your deepest being. I am here, with my knowledge and experience, to welcome and witness you as you discover the healing beauty of the voice.

Phone: +39 3291593319
Email: paola.benvenga@gmail.com

The Netherlands

The Netherlands - Wageningen

Anke de Jong
Your own voice is the key to inner listening, to open your awareness & to harvest from your innate body wisdom. Take a first step & join me on a wonderful journey into the depths of your Being to liberate your true Self. Reconnect through sound, & find your way home to freedom, joy & compassion! Soul Voice® workshops are an adventure & a surprisingly simple & deep way to get to know your Self better.

Phone: +31 6 13 360 428
Email: anke@ankedejong.com
Web: www.ankedejong.com

The Netherlands - Scharwoude

Joyce Hellendoorn
For me the voice is the most direct entrance to the soul. It is a very effective and powerful medicine to go through blockages that are holding us back to live our full potential. So we can live out who we really are from the depths of our soul and share these beautiful powerful beings that we truly are with the rest of the world. Soul Voice® gives you a loving, joyful and respectful relationship with yourself and your surroundings. It helps you to listen carefully to yourself so you can make choices in life that serve you well. I would be honored to guide you on your Soul Voice® path.

Phone: +0031-545 843920
Email: info@voicemedicine.nl
Web: www.voicemedicine.nl

The Netherlands - Noordijk

Arjan Verschuur
After my first wife died, I discovered my passion & talent for guiding people in profound transformation. As a former singer-songwriter I found out that sounding is not only great fun, but also a very effective & safe way to calm your thoughts, express (suppressed) emotions related to traumatic experiences & to transform limiting beliefs. Beliefs that not only colour your perception of reality, but also work as a magnet that attracts experiences that confirm your (unconscious) beliefs.

Phone: +0031-545 843920
Email: info@arjanverschuur.nl
Web: www.arjanverschuur.nl

The Netherlands - Hoorn

Angelike Valster
Soul Voice® taught me how to descend in my depths and resolve barricades and pain, I learned abundant ways to liberate myself with my own voice and breath and find more acceptance, relaxation, peace, life-joy, strength, flexibility and creativity. I would love to share this with you. In a Soul Voice® session, we work together, with voice, on your themes. This can be a physical, emotional or spiritual theme. By giving and/or receiving sound you will find your own answers.

Email: angelike@dekrachtvanjestem.nl
Web: www.dekrachtvanjestem.nl

The Netherlands - Almelo

Sandra Hilberink
Liberating your voice is a great gift to give yourself. Sound is able to cut through all thoughts & illusions and helps you to enter the depths of your being. It restores the connection with the earth, your ancestors and the sky. Most of all it helps you to let go of pain, anger and patterns that supress you from being YOU! You are welcome to explore your depths & heal yourself in a sacred space with me.

Phone: +31 628880297
Email: praktijkgeestdrift@live.nl

The Netherlands - Tilburg

Maike Geurts
Soul Voice® is a way to connect with myself & feel I am the conductor of my own life. To liberate myself of what I no longer need, bringing me closer to my deep inner nature, femininity, wisdom and love. It is like the undercurrent of the ocean: vast & steadily moving deeply into who I am & all I can be. Let me guide you into the depths of your own inner being to discover all you are; your inner riches & how to embrace them.

Phone: 0031 (0) 13-5455 638
Email: maikegeurts@gmail.com

The Netherlands - Nijmegen

Leonieke Niessen
Our own breath & voice are the most powerful tools to (re)connect to our deepest essence and truth. When we truly listen and express ourselves fully we come in contact with our inner wisdom to live our true potentials and talents. I feel honoured that I can share this great gift with you, to find YOUR unique voice and let the magic happen…

Phone: 0031-647362340
Email: leoniekeniessen@gmail.com

The Netherlands - Amsterdam

Marlou Kleve
Your voice is a very powerful and sensitive instrument to give expression to your own unique self. The healing frequencies of the voice are a medicine to transform physical and emotional blockages and allow yourself to be you, just the way you are. Anything can be released, expressed & transformed with Soul Voice®. I will guide and support you in a grounded and playful way so you can experience the true healing power of the voice!

Phone: +316 24263286
Email: contact@marloukleve.nl

The Netherlands

Viola Bennink
Give your uncertainties and your discomfort a voice. Embrace the not-knowing. Soul Voice® constantly guides me towards a free-fall into the unknown, in which miracles can happen. Trust the transformative capacity of the voice. Trust your inner wisdom. Then, you can feel at home with yourself, regardless of externalities. Are you ready to listen to your inner callings? Become more & more authentic and spread the power of intuitive wisdom with me.

Phone: +31617123325
Email: info@voilastemexpressie.nl
Web: www.voilastemexpressie.nl


Spain - Barcelona

Olga Currás Freixes
My goal is to awaken the unbelievable power of our voice & ourselves as human beings! I want to discover, go deeper, practice becoming more authentic, free and spontaneous. I wish people to experience more pleasure in life through connection, trust, surrender, compassion and lots of amazing sounds that help us embody our best intentions. We have the power within to become who we really are and the possibility to live with enthusiasm, freedom and ease! Let's do it together.

Phone: 0647412492
Email: ocurras@yahoo.es
Web: //www.curason.nl


Sweden, Stockholm

Maria Redig
In my work as a licensed conversational therapist I know it’s hard to put words on all feelings, experiences, and pain. It is also hard to use the whole body, to breathe and be present. With the Soul Voice® method it’s possible to work through all body-pain and memories with deep breathing, movements and expression. I think one important ingredient is to play and have fun. The best medicine for trust and courage is a good laugh, then there is always hope and light. I look forward to supporting you on your path to become the shining star you are!

Phone: +46 708286360
Email: maria@lifecreation.se
Web: www.lifecreation.se


Switzerland – Gruyère (Fribourg) - french speaking

Fabienne Isabelle Pharisa
Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner since 2009, I feel alive, vibrant to practice this method daily. Come experience the liberating power of your Voice!

My qualities are : softness, joy, and depth.

It is time to set up and celebrate peace within us, so that step by step, finally reconciled, we can co-create a New Humanity.

Phone: +41 79 318 24 42
Email: fabienne.pharisa@bluewin.ch
Web: www.fabienneisabellepharisa.123website.ch

Switzerland (German speaking)

Miriam Helle
To give your own body space through conscious breathing. To activate the creative force through movement. To find the innermost expression through Soul Voice® work. I will support you on your journey. Creatively, directly and deeply.

Phone: +41 78 788 68 07
Email: stimmt@miriamhelle.ch
Web: www.miriamhelle.ch

Switzerland - Zürich (German speaking)

Hedwig Plöchl
Sound is Vibration – Vibration is Life – Love. Each soul has its own unique voice. If we free our voice we come in deep contact with ourselves. We get access to our power, our real potential. With our voice we can connect to the true being and let it shine in its uniqueness. With the Soul Voice® method and my presence, I accompany you with pleasure on your way to your inner shining being, to express its true nature. I give sessions in English and German.

Phone: +41 (0) 43 243 98 03
Email: hedwig.ploechl@praxisheilkraft.ch
Web: www.praxisheilkraft.ch

Switzerland - Lausanne

Karin Roig
The Soul Voice® method has deeply shaped my Being and has given me tools to transform my Life. It's this experience that I would like to share with you during individual sessions. The target is to make the resistances, the fences disappear step by step to change Your everyday life and to approach your Essential Self. I also use my Kinesiology skills during my sessions and various exercises and symbolic acts for the integration work. I provide sessions in English, French and German.

Phone: +41 (0) 21 635 17 27
Email: karin.roig@bluewin.ch
Web: www.kinesons.ch

Switzerland - Uerikon

Marianne Comtesse
I developed a deep passion for the human voice. Coming from the depth of our being it resonates a unique, beautiful and healing vibration. The voice has the potential to access memories on a deep cellular level, to release blockages, to connect with the inner wisdom and to bring trust and guidance in our life. I would love support you on your personal journey to discover your authentic voice as an expression of your inner calling and passion.

Phone: 0041 79 609 52 83
Email: marianne.comtesse@bluewin.ch


Switzerland - Buchillon

Madeleine Giarre
Soul Voice® taught me to connect with my depths, to stay aligned, to set my limits, to liberate myself and to be happy to just be myself. My voice is my tool. I am the interpreter of your unconsciousness. If you want to free an emotion, a physical pain, or change a belief, I will be happy to guide you with all my respect, knowledge and love. Please book a session and allow us to Sound!

(Languages: Swedish, French, English, Italian.)
Phone: +41 78 794 48 92
Web: //espacel.ch/


Switzerland - Zurich

Sandy Rotach
Through the Soul Voice® method, I found a way to release my unspoken words and hidden treasures. I will help you to hear your soul essence and to express it with your voice. Let’s feel whole and free!

Phone: 0041 78 885 08 09
Email: sandy-rotach@bluewin.ch



Veronique Dutli
Through Soul Voice® I have been able to free myself from blocks that I had been carrying around with me for decades. I have become more grounded, more present & more compassionate. This gives me so much hope! I am very motivated to share this gift with many people. I am certain that in a world in which every person dissolves what restricts & inhibits them, we could live in peace & harmony. This is the vision I live for.

Phone: +41 79 791 61 25
Web: www.eingestimmt.ch/
Email: info@eingestimmt.ch


United Kingdom

United Kingdom, London

Priscilla Silcock (Sapphira)
I work in showbiz and love what Soul Voice® has taught me. A singer & dance teacher, I help empower women through self-expression but I had to first empower myself. I have new resonance in my voice & new authority. I know how powerful Soul Voice® is for shifting the deepest issues and healing the oldest of mental, spiritual, emotional and physical pains. Let me assist with your transformation too.

Email: priscilla@sapphiramusic.com

United Kingdom, London

Kathleen Kirmer
Come with me on a journey where we together explore the incredible transforming and deeply healing qualities of our voices & vocal sounds. I offer you a safe and open hearted space where you can find your way back home to your true self. I support you to release what holds you back from living your potential and true health. You will learn to express and embrace your truth, your power and your beautiful divine self.
Languages: German, English

Phone: + 44 772 400 8425
Email: info@wisdom-of-voice.co.uk
Web: www.wisdom-of-voice.co.uk