Becoming pregnant


Valerie Moysey, Canada

My dearest friend, Julia, had been attempting to get pregnant for four years. She’d tried almost everything: drugs, two operations (including in-vitro fertilisation), all to no avail. One day in the autumn she called me long distance from Canada and asked me to eat a pomegranate for her. Over the previous week, Julia had become taken with pomegranates. She was buying them for all those closest to her and eating them like popcorn at the movies. Her sudden pomegranate passion prompted some research on her part, after which she discovered that pomegranates were a symbol of fertility. In supporting my friend’s conception, I found a nearby pomegranate grower.

In the days after our conversation, during my morning sound meditations I had waking dreams involving a fertility ceremony with prayers for Julia, Pele (the Hawaiian volcano goddess) and a pomegranate. I then flew to the Big Island of Hawaii and from a helicopter released a pomegranate wrapped in ti leaves (ti is a sacred plant to many Hawaiians) into Pu’u’O’o, the active vent of the Kilauea volcano. The heavens hiccuped and the wind slowed as the pomegranate offering entered into Pele’s lava flow, her ‘blood stream’.

Three weeks later I had the opportunity to give Julia a sound healing session in person. Before the session Julia explained that she was experiencing tension in her abdomen as well as tightness in her chest and shoulders. Her intention for the sound healing involved surrendering into whatever she needed to do for her highest wellbeing, with a powerful wish to become pregnant. I sounded and Julia received. After the sound healing she told me she was surprised by the passage of time; an hour had seemed like 15 minutes. Later, reflecting on her session, she said, “I felt open and warm and soothed. My abdomen had been bloated and it loosened during the session. I felt like I’d been on vacation for a week and was totally relaxed.” She also indicated that in the middle of the session she was baffled, because she was not able to discern where the sound was coming from. “Valerie, your voice was like waves. It was like surround sound on a blanket by the ocean.” After years of trying Julia conceived a few weeks after the sound session.