Chants de Karina Schelde

Flûte, sitar, tablas et autres percussions joués par Lucyan Wesolowsky.
Sur le rêve musical mystérieux et enchanteur de Lucyan, Karina invoque les esprits du ciel et de la terre de sa voix de chaman.

If you wish to experience a truly advanced plateau of inner peace and healing that causes your body to tingle with ecstasy and your soul to blend with the peace and serenity of a new found joy then listening to this CD is an absolute must.
Roger Sorkin,

Karina Schelde's wonderful mastery of sound healing will empower, elevate, and enthral every fibre of your being with fresh light, clarity and awakening.
Ken Kalb. Author of The Grand Catharsis and Light Shift 2000, USA

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Sunrise at Hele Akala: 5:59
The Heart Song: 3:50

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