Seven CD Audio Book of the Soul Voice® Method

Be empowered, discover & unleash your voice potential.

  • Learn to use your innate voice as a healing instrument to express your truth.
  • Reconnect with your inner child’s playfulness, spontaneity & mystery.
  • Open up to touch the very core of your being, with passion & enthusiasm.
  • Trust & listen to the deepening insights of your inner voice.
  • Express what you may never have thought possible – soar with your infinite possibilities.
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Guided by Karina’s voice you are invited to LISTEN to an insightful sound medicine, to awaken the hidden depths of your soul’s creative expression through vocalization.
This recording also includes experiential exercises to enhance a more fulfilling & authentic life-style.

Introduction: 2:50
Chapter1: 10:10

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I highly recommend the Audiobook of ‘Expression into Freedom’, because there is a tremendous difference in perceiving a message by reading it or by listening to it. When I listen, I can totally relax and become receptive, a wide space inside of me opens, and the words touch me on a very deep level. While, when I read, I am active, trying to understand what I am reading on a more mental level. Karina’s warm, colorful and passionate voice is an incredibly powerful vehicle transferring the content, i.e. the spirit of the words go directly into my whole system. Listening to the Audiobook is a meditative way to receive a very significant information.
Adelgunde Mueller

Karina’s audio book Expression Into Freedom is a ‘must listen to’ for anyone who wishes to not only harness the power of their own voice for healing but also for those who want to become more authentic & step into their personal power. I also like the fact that the writer is also the one who narrates the book because I can hear in Karina’s voice how passionate she is about what she is saying. It’s as if she is talking directly to me. What a treat to have the creator of this amazing sound healing method, Soul Voice® tell me about sound and how I can use it in the comfort of my own home!
Melissa McCormack

Karina’s audio book offers you a synthesis of 30 years of her personal research and teaching of the use of Voice and Sound for self development and wellbeing.
What a treat to hear her soothing, healing voice as she guides you through a deeply personal and compassionate journey to self awareness and freedom!
She expresses her wisdom simply and potently and encourages you to rediscover playfulness, joy and gratitude for life’s gifts.
This is a recording you will return to again and again for instant access to fresh inspiration for your journey. Push play and Enjoy!”
Caroline Baezley, New Zealand

I am awe inspired by Karina's voice in each chapter of her audio book. Her unique way of playing with the tone of voice resonates in the depths of my soul. I feel the content of this method so clearly through her magical voice and have made the decision to embark upon the Soul Voice® journey."
Mia Jacobson, Bali.