Spreading the Soul Voice® method to new nations and to people, who may be most in need, gives me great fulfillment and hope…To wake up humanity to this extraordinary soul-power and potential that we all have in our voices and sounds is a rewarding and humbling Calling, a daily devotion.
Expanding the Soul Voice® Medicine to more & more people by having dedicated Teachers and Practitioners all over the world makes my heart sing passionately every day…Communities develop when we reach out and connect to the ONE powerful VOICE we are; together as well as individuals.

I warmly welcome you to the new self healing Soul Voice® practices featuring on the homepage. To practice these exercises regularly is an effective & powerful way to get connected to your voice’s potential & heart resonance.

Please also remember to connect in to The Telepathic sounding meditation to an Element or a Quality/Virtue, which is posted on our homepage & renewed the first Sunday of each month

Let your unique voice join the symphony of sound that will ripple across the planet!!
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In heart waves of resonance & joy

Read compelling stories on Elementary Sound Healing below

By Joyce Hellendoorn, Accredited Soul Voice® Teacher

I truly love inviting the elements starting my Soul Voice® workshops. Once I’ve welcomed them, it feels like the whole room’s energy changes, making it possible for the group to dive deeply into their process; guided by the forces around and inside themselves. Working with the elements is a big part of the Soul Voice® work for me. They are alive spirits cooperating together in refined balance inside and outside our bodies. It is a well known fact that we ourselves are out of balance and because of that, so is our beautiful planet Mother Earth.

Walking daily with my dog along the brook I sound the 4 elements. It helps me very much to stay in balance myself. One day I sat on the rocks in the brook and I started to sing for her spirit. A few days later on a rather cold but sunny day it was as if she called, “swim into me”. It was amazing how refreshing and vitalizing this was for me.

During our recent Teacher Training with Karina I had a beautiful vision. I saw many people connecting to a river, brook, sea, ocean or lake in their neighborhood. I saw how all their connections were weaving together all over the world. During our sound healing for the elements, I felt that once you give healing attention to one element all other elements around it will respond accordingly. When we send our healing attention in the form of our sounds, loving words and physical attention from the love of the waters inside ourselves we can truly influence the information in that water. The message water is given now mostly is “we don’t think you are worthy, therefore we can dump whatever we want inside you.” And as we all know it is truly healing for ourselves to feel that we are loved, worthy and beautiful. So let’s do it: Lets heal our waters together! I trust that this will unconsciously also make people more aware of how we handle our waters. It is our way of contributing!


By Marinet Koeman, Accredited Soul Voice® Teacher

When I turned 40 I performed a ritual alone in nature. I thanked my parents for giving me life and released them from their parenting of me, then I accepted Earth as my Divine Mother and Heaven as my Divine Father. I have a precious and intimate relationship with my Mother and the four elements that she speaks to me through. When I first started facilitating a healing circle on the four elements she showed me that it is not outside of me but that the only way is in; to receive it with compassion, let the inner pollution resonate, heal it and then express it into the world.

I experience humanity as a body; each and every one of us a cell. Each cell has specific information and a need to express & contribute to the bigger picture. We need all cells. Just like our human body needs lung cells, heart cells, liver cells etc. We need each & every one of us. The elements are in a terrible state and that is a mirror of our collective inner state that we have manifested. I feel the invitation to take responsibility for our own contributions very strongly.

A new world is being born through us and every cell has to show up to move it gracefully through the birth canal. Even if we are shy and insecure, we owe it to life to first heal our inner pollution and from there show up and share our gifts, now.

I facilitate a Self & Earth healing circle on the four elements and the quality of compassion on the second Thursday evening of every month. If you feel like joining in telepathically, I welcome you as brothers and sisters of the same re-birth wonder.

Contact Marinet for further info: marinet@stemsynthese.nl

Stories on Elementary Sound Healing

Imeq – Life giving Source of all: that's how the Greenlandic Eskimo call the water element. 70% of our body consists of water. Without water, there is no life possible on Planet Earth – Water is Life - Water is sacred! And yet, it is being destroyed and polluted everywhere: fracking, oil disasters, incredible and absurd waste of drinking water....the latest disaster in Brazil is one more heartbreaking example how Mother Nature is considered a mere matter, a means to exploit and to make money with.

It is easy to feel impotent in front of the immense vested interests which seem to be totally insensitive and irresponsible regarding human community and survival. However, we are not! We all have a voice, an intention, and our heart connection. Maybe you never thought about the potential of your own unique voice frequencies, and the multiplied effect when many of us join their efforts in a collective sound ceremony. It's high time now to wake up to the awareness that we can actually change our world using those three components which are intrinsic in each and everyone. Let's unite our voices and hearts in one intention: to create a harmonious, peaceful and loving way of life. We cannot afford any longer to stay aloof; peace in society can only grow out of peace in our own minds and hearts.

Joining the Guided Collective Sound Healing to the Water element on Sunday will give you the experience of being part of a community, a Circle; it will bring you great benefits on all levels. Come and enjoy!

Adelgunde Mueller - Italy


From my presence I am, I stand today reaching to you my dear friends, and calling you to come to join me, with YOUR unique voice, as together we can lift the planet Earth to a new dimension.
We are at a critical time, a time in history that a very wise response is needed from us... Destruction or Construction... What are we going to choose? And WHO do we choose to be?

Latest events in Paris, where I live, brought up so much fear, in people, pain, confusion, despair, anger, that it required from us to rise above and remember that we are in time of change where an awakening is occurring but also a need to act in a careful way as our response at this critical time is very important; It's urgent faced with such events to realise that each person’s contribution is essential; to show up and rise to our pillars of light, to honour who we are truly and who we choose to be for our planet and our humanity.

As you know, at this moment, a big event is going on, also in PARIS, the COP21, with keys leaders from all countries represented, searching solution for our ecological critical issues. So, the time is Now to gather together with our voices to sound for a highest possible decision and solution.
We are in a time of change and a time where we can be the change by embodying who we are; where we can together make THE difference, envision and participate to create a possible future. The future is NOW! We are the ONEs that we have been waiting for... Each presence counts so join me on the telepathic meditation and sound to the elements. Our planet needs us. Your unique voice is called - and YOU are the answer!

Jaqueline - France


When I discovered the possibility of “Earth Healing” in the Soul Voice® method, I said to myself: “FINALLY I can do something ‘concrete’ for Mother Earth!!”

I experienced the power of a Healing Sounding Circle during the first Soul Voice Practitioner Training journey and I was totally touched in the depths of my entire essence; for the easiness, but also for the very magical/shamanic energy that we’d moved together. I remember Karina asking us to pray and give sound for the element of water…we did this in September and after that healing session, the SNOW FELL ON US! The divine blessing of the purest snow arrived on us and we could SEE & TOUCH how powerful a human voice is with clear intention of connection and will to ‘serve’ all the world!

Never before, even though I came from a different spiritual pathway, had I a direct correspondence of how much power my own voice could generate when I don’t listen to my ego (fears, impotence, doubts, self limits, etc.). When I let my own heart use his voice freely and connected with the Heartbeat of All that is… I am always connected with that memory that changed my life forever.

Salvatore – Italy


One of the greatest gifts I have received from my training in the Soul Voice® Method, has been my reconnection to Nature, the Being of the Earth and the Elements. Right from the outset Karina advocated a walk in nature following our voice work, to ground ourselves and further deepen our integration of the profound changes these self development processes were having on our physical beings....And always those walks are rejuvenating! My love and gratitude to these Beings of the Elements continues to grow and expand. Their unconditional love enfolds us everywhere we go. What a gift they are!

One of my great joys as a Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner is to give back to the Earth and the Elements by facilitating Collective Earth Sound Healings. Our intention through our sounds is to remove the frightful impurity mankind has imposed on Nature to restore our Beloved Planet back to its pristine self. I have no doubt that our sound healing is received – the evidence is always there because the elements show up every time to make their presence felt in the wind, the rain, the sun, the rainbows! Most often the people who join me have never participated in any sound work and they always say it has been the most profound experience of their lives. Why you might ask? Because our bodies are also made of these elements and the results of our efforts are immediate and personally felt! I wholeheartedly invite you to join us in the ether this weekend and experience this for yourself – your voice is needed and you can make a difference in this simplest of ways! In Loving Gratitude for the Presence of Nature

Caroline Beazley, New Zealand


by Accredited Soul Voice® Teacher Brigitte Helena Winther

When I first discovered Soul Voice® back in 2006, I knew that it was for me. After the very first 2-day workshop I just knew that I had to go on to the 5 day Advanced Sound Initiation and after that I just knew I had to continue on to the Practitioners Certification Programme. I never understood ’why’ in the moment; the understanding of why this was so important for me to dive into, always came much later. When I decided to become a Soul Voice® Teacher, it was just the same: I did not know why, I just knew I had to do it.

Now I am an Accredited Soul Voice® Teacher and I have come a long way with myself since my first experiences with the method. It is only now, that I see the depths it has shown me

I have always felt Soul Voice® was a cross cultural and cross religious method; a universal and global method that belongs to all humans. I still feel that very clearly. A couple of years back I started to feel a deep attraction to know more about the Northern European roots in sounding…

I felt a distant calling from an ancient sisterhood of women; women who had used their magical songs and soundings for the purpose of healing & guidance for themselves and others. It became utterly important to me to explore their methods, to sing their songs, to work with the elements, with Nature, with the Spirit Guides using the old ways and traditions. And I found it all within myself.

This journey has affected my way of practising Soul Voice® today. In every sounding and with every client and student, I speak the Universal Voice Language of the Soul, and, in there lies my Northern European Inheritance. And the journey continues forever.

In gratitude,

Birgitte Helena



Sound is our universal bloodstream
that weaves and unites
nourishing all differences.
Have faith
in your own unique vibration
and you will come to move mountains.
Have faith!
Let Mother Earth tone you
that the vibration you weave
is in harmony …
Resonate with all that is
and a new creation will emerge from within.
Be heard, speak out
and express your true nature
to become FREE.