Facing the fear

Miriam Helle, Switzerland

“My client, Johannes is an artist and works temporarily as a teacher. When he was standing in front of a class he always had this enormous fear of failure and of not knowing enough. His face often … Read the rest

Releasing fear

Chad Beckett, Australia

When Karina asked me to share a story of a client’s experience with fear, I suddenly went blank. I jogged my memory and could not recall a single experience of a client moving through fear. I immediately … Read the rest

Emotional transformation

Maura Chiara Letizia Montanari, Italy

A challenging client, Raina, had an alcoholic and angry father. She was conceived by rape. She told me about childhood memories of threatening and violent scenes. After her parents divorced, Raina never saw her father … Read the rest

Miracles happen

Jasmin Elvira Steenholdt, Denmark

Mary was in a terrible pain, because of the cancer in her abdomen. She was walking around in pain and sound, waiting for the telephone to ring. She had been waiting for a while for the … Read the rest

Becoming pregnant

Valerie Moysey, Canada

My dearest friend, Julia, had been attempting to get pregnant for four years. She’d tried almost everything: drugs, two operations (including in-vitro fertilisation), all to no avail. One day in the autumn she called me long distance … Read the rest

Birthing with sound

Valerie Moysey, Canada

“I was invited to attend my sister-in-law’s second labour, as she wanted me to help her use sound during the birthing process. Fab braced

herself on my brother, Graham, and squeezed his and my arms with each … Read the rest