Come and join Founder of Soul Voice® Karina Schelde in a Conference in:
Italy, South Africa, Brazil & Paraguay.

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‘Experience the power of your innate VOICE’

The Soul Voice® method takes you on a passionate journey to awaken your innate voice and to realize that our infinite power & potential come from the core of our VOICE.

I believe there is a cry and a call deep in our hearts that wants to be heard…So liberate the voice and let it bring you back to your authentic expression, because that is FREEDOM.

We can use the universal language of sound to have a greater sense of who we are, by accessing the subconscious. Sound connects us on all levels & heals us in many unexpected ways.

The audience will also have a ‘hands-on’ experience of the Soul Voice® method through some powerfully guided exercises. The exercises shown and practiced are simple, yet effective, empowering and transformative. COME & PLAY…if you have a voice…you can sound!

“The Voice is one of the most powerful tools available for the healing of humanity and a shift in consciousness”. KARINA

Soul Voice is the inner call of the original creative intention of your inherent divine intelligence. Karina is a skilled and professional researcher going deep into the realm of sound in a never ending exploration of the holographic and kaleidoscopic nature of this vibrational dimension. Karina unfolds the spiritual and healing properties of human voice through a transmutation process originating from silence and enhancing to the full expression of the creative power of sound.
Sir Sergio, Italy

I was deeply shamed as a child for expressing myself and have for most of my adult life been searching for a way to express myself again. I have finally found the pathway into my deepest expression and this happened by being in Presence with one of the most embodied, liberated women I have ever met, Karina Schelde. The combination of Karina as an earth shaking grounded, empowered women with the ancient wisdom of sounding healing is beyond words and for me purely experiential. If you are ready she will take you to your core!! Karina is strong, direct and able to penetrate deeply yet so humble and Gracious with the loving arms of the Divine Mother.
Love Divine, California.

Karina’s workshop catapulted me into a new understanding of what it is to be embodied. As a movement person and yogi, I have cultivated deep presence and awareness in the body, the next piece, the next frontier, was the voice! Activating the power of my voice through Katina’s skillful and loving guidance, animated my body, revealing valuable insights and life changing revelations about my own power, and my own truth. It is clear that Karina has found and developed her life’s work with extraordinary depth. Her very presence began the work, that has now become part of my own life’s journey.
Kate Becker, USA