Soul Voice® Practitioners' Certification Programme, with Karina Schelde

An upgraded 2 1/2 year educational program with 5 seminars leading to become a Professional Soul Voice® Practitioner.

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Level 1    

OCTOBER 1st - 9th, 2020 (8 days)
Hameau de l’Etoile, 


Level 2    

MARCH 22nd - 31th, 2021 (9 days)
at Hof de Planis,

Level 3 

NOV 6th - 14th, 2021 (8 days)
Chauteau Frandeaux,

Level 4 

JULY 9th - 18th, 2022 (9 days)
Centro D’Ompio,

Level 5 

MARCH 24th - April 2nd, 2023 (9 days)
Le Torracce,

Our Voice has a Soul Print that we may have been yearning to unravel since birth; a code that signifies our story, our ‘make-up’ and our ancestral roots & wisdom.

It is with great joy and humbleness that I welcome YOU to the Soul Voice® Practitioners’ Certification Program as you embark upon this extraordinary & ground-breaking education. To become a professional practitioner & therapist in facilitating one-on-one Soul Voice® sessions is a Calling from your soul, as you allow your own self developmental process & rhythm to guide you.

It is only as far as you have taken yourself that you will then be able to deliver truthfully and with integrity to others.

The Soul Voice® method teaches you to go to your core depths through structured physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual exercises and techniques, designed to enable the practitioner to develop their own unique intuitive vocal expression and boundless healing potential.

Sound has the ability to permeate directly into the subconscious (the reptilian & the limbic brains) and to link & unite the conscious mind (neo cortex) and higher consciousness (prefrontal cortex). The ancient wisdom is coded in our cellular memory, our DNA in sound frequencies and serves as an ultimate guide to develop intuition, remembrance and higher consciousness. You will unravel your history and karmic patterns, connect with ancestral roots and the indigenous essence of your true self. The Soul Voice® PCP incorporates a huge variety of practical & effective tools, practices & techniques, harvested & fine-tuned from my professional development, research and teaching over the last 30+ years. The Soul Voice® method has shown therapeutic effectiveness for most human conditions & issues of a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual character.

To become a Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner is a focused and committed undertaking. Your clients become your mirror & your ‘teacher’. The rewards and the fulfillments are beyond what you could ever imagine. It is an incomparable gift to give yourself and humankind.

Self-expression is the gateway to the creative power of our subconscious’ potential. We long for the liberation of our voice and soul, to rediscover the grandeur of who we truly are: a force of the highest vibration and creation. Karina

I founded the Soul Voice® method from a strong Calling to create community. You are never alone or separated. You are a part of an immeasurable support, which will be building during PCP as well as through your national Soul Voice® community and tribe.

PCP is taught in 5 seminars over 2 1/2 years. Each seminar is an intense and compelling experience with teaching material both theoretical and practical, which you will further integrate, study and practice in between the levels. Already after the first level you can start to see Soul Voice® clients.

In the seminars we weave individual work with partner and group constellations in a space of safety and compassion. You will also be witnessed in your Soul Voice® sessions by colleagues, who will give you valuable feedback. I will personally give supervision to some of your sessions.

Each seminar will have incorporated a day with a nature adventure, ‘the vision-quest day’, which serves to integrate the process more gracefully.

In between the PCP levels you will meet with your colleagues to exchange Soul Voice® sessions in order to further learn the techniques and deepen the teaching material, however skype sessions may also be possible.

For the requirements of becoming a Certified Practitioner you will complete 40 documented case studies/sessions. They are submitted in a ‘written documented session form’ and sent to me in batches of between 5 and 10 sessions at a time. I will then give you coaching to your sessions on an audio file including written personalised ‘powerworks’ to practice before sending the next batch. These powerworks are practices,which will highly strengthen your personal development and facilitate further improvement and empowerment in your Soul Voice® sessions & in your life. The outcomes of the powerworks are to be journaled and sent together with each batch of sessions.

‘The Voice is one of the most powerful tools available for the healing of humanity and in significantly shifting consciousness.’ Karina

‘We are born of light and sound. For each experience we have gone through in life the body keep memories, which are like records of sound frequencies.’ Karina

I am honored to welcome YOU to join us on this magnificent and powerful journey.

With respect & compassion

NOTE: As you embark upon PCP you are asked to become familiar with Karina’s two books, ‘Expression into Freedom’ & ‘Soul Voice’.

The Soul Voice® Practitioners’ Certification Program has changed my life totally! My life changed from being directed towards the outside, into living my life from the inside - in connection with all of who I am. Soul Voice® has taken me into the depths of my being and my inner knowing. Step by step I learned to trust myself. My loneliness, my fear, my pain, it has all gotten into place. Now I have confidence and trust, to go out into the world and to manifest myself; to follow my life purpose in connection with my inner Source and Spirit. Soul Voice® helped me to find my way home to my own mastery. Thank U Karina!
Anke de Jong, The Netherlands

The Soul Voice® Practitioners’ Training is a priceless gift I gave myself. In making this commitment, even in moments of fear and doubt, I have experienced so much magic, manifestation, love and support in surprising ways. To anyone thinking about taking this training, if your soul resonates with this work, whatever obstacle you think is in your way - money, family, jobs, health issues - take that leap of faith!
Tayah Hanson, Canada

An invitation to discover your Soul Voice®, is a journey like no other. It is the call of the wild... the call of the lost voice, of an inner knowing... a connection to a deep sense of truth and understanding. This pioneering method of vocal therapy draws on Karina’s extensive experiences and knowledge to bring a technique that is dynamic, utterly profound and truly life changing. As a teacher, Karina truly embodies her passion; she is compassionate, dedicated, committed and supportive of each student, beyond just the workshop hours.
If you feel the call, then I urge you to follow your heart. It will not be without challenges, it may take you to the edges of your comfort zone... but there, if you dare to tread, is another wonderful, magical world just waiting for you... just like it was and continues to be, for me.
Caroline Barnes, UK


  • A comprehensive manual, both in hardcopy & electronically, which will include all the teaching material, practices and techniques.

  • A usb-stick with video demonstrations of the new techniques including pre-recorded sessions with Karina’s facilitation.

  • In addition video clips from the seminar, a collective audio recording and the best still photos from the training!


Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner
Maria Gisela Locatelli
mobile: 0039 3335835899
skype: maria.gisella.locatelli


Soul Voice®. is a registred trademark, which makes us recognisable amongst other modalities and is a guarantee of quality. Only Certified Soul Voice® Practitioners, Practitioners in Training and Teachers can use our Trademark.  The trademark gives security and a promotional advantage to all Practitioners, as they know they have received the same education and updated themselves regularly as part of the credibility of Soul Voice®.
Soul Voice® Practitioners do not mix Soul Voice® sessions with other modalities.