Thousands worldwide have been touched by the compelling method of Soul Voice®. Karina Schelde's teaching goes beyond what you can imagine is possible to express and heal with the voice.

KARINA SCHELDE is an internationally recognised pioneer and master teacher in voice healing therapy, using the human voice as the ultimate instrument for personal development.
A dynamic and passionate workshop leader, educator, researcher and presenter, Karina has synthesized over 30 years of professional experience in alternative healing into her ground-breaking Soul Voice® method.
Her professional background includes Wholistic Counselling, Breathwork, Bodywork, Shamanic Healing, Acting and Stage Directing Karina’s facilitates Soul Voice® Experience Seminars, Practitioner & Teacher Certification Programmes, Supervision & Leadership Trainings, Outreach & Pilot Projects.
Over hundred Soul Voice® Practitioners are presently working professionally around the globe including Accredited Teachers, who facilitates workshops worldwide so as to allow the work to spread to many more people.



My own journey into Sound Medicine

In my early twenties as I was studying acting & body-mime-mask in Paris I realised that we are the EMBODIMENT of all things. I learned as an actress about being one hundred percent present, and giving this precious moment all that you have! I then changed career even though I had become a success on stage, because my heart was missing something... missing intimacy & connecting deeply to my soul & healing potential.

Years later the whales started to communicate with me in my dreams and I heard a Calling. Their deep haunting songs offered me a timeless wake up humanity to express their unique sound language

It was on an auspicious day in 1988, in a client session that I suddenly sensed an energy welling up from deep within me, the Earth and all around. Before I realised what was happening sounds began to pour out of me. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced… like an ancient song or calling that was moving through me. I remained in this sonic trance for about ten minutes and then the sounding stopped. It was over and amazingly the client’s pain was gone. This experience became my Initiation into Sound Medicine.