Founder Karina Schelde
Soul Voice® is a therapeutic voice and sound healing modality, which explores the human voice into its depths, potential and creative expression, founded by Karina Schelde.
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Karina Schelde

Karina Schelde is a compelling & dynamic international presenter & workshop leader, a teacher & a visionary, whose presence, passion & grace inspires all she comes into contact with. A powerful leader, Karina’s determination & compassion to go beyond what we think is possible and to push the boundaries of what we believe to be true, makes her such an impressive & captivating individual.

She is an internationally acclaimed pioneer in her field and with an indomitable spirit, using the human voice as the ultimate instrument for personal development. Thousands of people worldwide have been touched by her leading-edge modality.

Karina has presented at Conferences across the globe, and appeared on national radio & TV in various countries. She is also a successfully published author. One of her books ‘Soul Voice’ is presently published in seven languages.

Over the last two decades Karina has developed and taught the Soul Voice® Practitioners’ Certification Programme, PCP and the Soul Voice® Teacher Training Programme, TTP, educating & certifying a selected group of Practitioners and Teachers.

Karina offers shorter trainings, the Soul Voice® Experience workshops, SVE, open for anyone interested in personal development.

Karina lives & teaches her sound-medicine with a magnificent passion & dedication to her lifelong vision… spreading the method to all walks of life and to countries, where the method is not yet known.


View Karina’s personal website here >>

Thank you Karina, for your strong and compassionate Mother Earth heart of boldness, that feels, knows and senses all, as well as your eyes and ears that sees and hears all. Your Soul Voice® mesmerised me… you stand so fully ‘in it’, and that moved me deeply. Your passion, vision and true leadership in this ‘work’ could truly heal the world.”
LORRAINE RELLEEN, Durban, South Africa


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