Reviews of SOUL VOICE – The Book

I found myself ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ as I read this courageous and authentic masterpiece. Finding your voice ~ literally and figuratively ~ is life’s great journey and Karina Schelde is a masterful guide.
Chip Conley, founder & CEO, Joie de Vivre Hospitality and author of The Rebel Rules: Daring to be yourself in business

Karina Schelde’s marvellous book sings inspiration into our hearts as it takes us on a thrilling journey deep into ourselves. Through a rich variety of accessible exercises, she shows us how to use our voice to access our own wisdom and raise our state of consciousness. Her wisdom, insight, warmth and passion inspire us throughout. This book is a high-quality self-development programme in itself.
Dr Joy Manné, author of Conscious Breathing: How shamanic breathwork can transform your life and Soul Therapy

Passionate, real and raw … Karina shows us, step-by-step, how to connect and heal the deepest parts of ourselves and how to become a vibrational instrument. Inspirational, uplifting and liberating … reading this book is a must.
Eve Eschner Hogan, author of Way of the Winding Path

Within each of us is an intelligent blueprint that has always been, that is our own expression of the Source of our being, our living Soul. As we begin to journey towards our potential we find that we are required to embrace our wounds, injuries and pains. Embracing the wounds, the difficulties reveal the pathway that unveils the potential of our Soul. Karina Schelde gives us the depth of experience and authenticity of the power that is in each of us to know ourselves as a living soul. A work of beauty and simple truths and practical guidance for spiritual practice.
Vickie Dodd, author of Tuning the Blues to Gold

Soul Voice helps shine the light on sound and its importance in helping us connect with and express our soul self. It is a book for these times and it will be a rich source of inspiration for those in search of the deeper meaning of life.
From the forward of Soul Voice by Makuini Ruth Tai