This book and CD offers you the guidance to find the power within you, so you can make the necessary jumps of rapid transformation on your soul’s journey. Expression of self is most powerful in sound. This book is a must for everyone interested in making more of their lives and their presence on this planet.
Roy Martina MD, author of Emotional Balance

Karina’s gift of inspiration allows you to reach your potential of extraordinary depth, connecting your voice and soul as one. With carefully chosen exercises Expression into Freedom is a must for everyone on the path to higher consciousness.
Peter Grunwald, author of Eyebody: The Art of Integrating Brain, Eye and Body

Karina Schelde offers us a “sound medicine” that is grounded in centuries of factual evidence provided by cultures both indigenous and contemporary. This is an excellent book on the uses of the voice as a healing instrument and I highly recommend it.
Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning

'Karina Schelde's captivating and beautifully illustrated book will make you sing, dance and laugh! This book is a manifestation of how to change your life and guides you step-by-step to discover the huge potential we all have in our innate voice.
Eve Hogan, author of Rings of Truth