Quotes from Listeners of Karina’s Music CD’s

“To hear Karina sing or sound is to open to a world of wonder. Her voice is truly an instrument of magic. That the human voice can make those sounds is almost unbelievable.”
Mayanna Bock, therapist, USA

“Surrounded by the sounds of Karina, inspires a remembering deep in my soul. Freeing all boundaries of limitations and feeling the joys of free expression. Her powerful and majestic energy allows for genuine reflection of pure potentiality of all humans...our innate voice.”
Tara Grace, editor & business manager, USA

Deep Soul Meditation CD…

“This is an amazing tool to have in your ‘wellbeing kit’! After listening to the CD and following instructions I have experienced feeling so refreshed yet deeply relaxed. I am more aware of the messages from my body and generally feel in a better frame of mind. I recommend adding this Meditation to your daily practice!
Melissa McCormack, Australia

“Returning from a place of stillness from these deep meditations I am looking with different eyes in the outer world. I am able to observe my reality from a new and higher perspective and to make new decisions. Stress and struggles have lost their impact and I am much more at ease and peace with me"
Marianne Comtesse, Switzerland

““The frequencies of Karina’s voice are calling me to dive deeper into the listening of my body – step by step I commit to the layers of my physical being – to fall deeply in love with who I am in that present moment. Through the experience of a deep physical sensation of my body I start to accept – I enter a space where I start to fully trust to surrender – more and more – so that a deep relaxation arises and I become a new being by letting go and just BE.”
A wonderful CD to deeply commit and surrender my body and mind simultaneously”
Heartfelt gratefulness

Zoe Ingellis, Germany

The Song of the Soul CD…

“This voice and sound healing music CD combines the magical frequencies of Karina Schelde's shamanic voice blended with Lucyan's mysterious and entrancing instrumental compositions usisng the sitar,sax, flute, tambura, mandola and percussion.
There are eight different tracks on the CD, with healing sounds varying from playful to subtle, from roaring to gentle, expressing many different moods. My favourites were 'The True Calling' and 'The Art of Being Present'. The echoingly beautiful resonating notes of these tracks will lead you onto a journey of inner peace and healing, soothing the soul."
CD review from Rainbow News Magazine, New Zealand, Oct 2005

"If you wish to experience a truly advanced plateau of inner peace and healing that causes your body to tingle with ecstasy and your soul to blend with the peace and serenity of a new found joy then listening to this CD is an absolute must."
Roger Sorkin,  USA

"Karina Schelde's wonderful mastery of sound healing will empower, elevate, and enthrall every fiber of your being with fresh light, clarity and awakening."
Ken Kalb. Author of The Grand Catharsis and Light Shift 2000, USA

"Very refreshing, very deep, very clear...I recommend journeying inside oneself with safety, love and deep trust."
Vickie Dodd, USA

"An extraordinary journey into Karina Schelde's fascinating and passionate soundscape blended with Lucjan's multi-dimensional instrumental compositions. I am being enchanted- from playful to subtle, from roaring to delicate; so many moods are being expressed. Amidst the dreamy, mysterious & entrancing sounds of strings, flutes and drums,Karina's powerful shamanic voice opens the heart to listen to the cry and the call that liberates the soul.- I am so grateful for this newborn sound healing medicine."
Jim Wright, USA

Chakra Sound Healing  & Heart Songs CD…

This music takes you straight into soothing AUM, so be prepared for the meditation mood. The music soothingly vibrates in intensity to lift your mind to a higher level, just by the pitch and vibration of the music.
Ideal for anyone wanting a helping hand to meditate. Even the most nervous and agitated of soul will find meditation easier with this music. Stunningly strung and pitched for meditation and healing, a deep echoing calling is present in this music. You can actually feel yourself floating with the sounds. If you're serious about meditation, then this CD is worth optioning.
CD review from Rainbow News Magazine, New Zealand,

"Karina's amazing and profound overtones and sounds takes me to a place within, where everything feels possible and multidimensional. My visual eye is totally expanding and insights are flooding through me. I feel reborn, relaxed and grounded at the same time. It's pure magic."

"Karina takes you to the deepest places within yourself and shows you the divine Self through sound"
Joan Heartfield, counselor, USA

"My heart is wanting to burst into laughter - I am left with a deep joyful sense of being brought back into my core being"
Rainbow, Denmark

"Karina's amazing & profound overtones & sounds take me to a place within, where everything feels possible & multidimensional. My third eye is totally expanding; insights are flooding through me. I feel
reborn! Relaxed & grounded at the same time. It is pure magic."
Roy, Germany

"Karina is refreshingly open and honest with her voice. She combines the intricacies and details of dissonance and then weaves the harmonicsto integrate the work being done. I am so grateful to be able to supportand sonically agree with one such as Karina on this path of Sound as teacher, as sound as an evolutionary tool"
Vickie Dodd, Author & Sound Healer pioneer for over 25 years, USA

"Karina's awe-inspiring overtones and sounds bring the listener to deep and expansive dimensions. Either for use in sound healing, chakrameditation or as a guide to portals of the Soul, Sound Healing Songs is a profound as it is effective. Pioneering medicine for the human race. I am in gratitude over the beauty of these soothing and awakening tones."
Julie Mara, business consultant, USA