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Deep Soul Meditation & Rainbow Relaxation

Created and guided by Soul Voice® founder Karina Schelde

The art of deep relaxation nourishes your soul and fine-tunes your qualities as a human being. It supports you to balance the sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous systems. In this absolute silence of relaxation & meditation there is a pure consciousness of deep peace, a sense of coming home to oneself. Rest assured, as you allow the sense of ‘sweet surrender’ to guide you on your inner journey…‘The art of relaxation is an essential key to freeing your voice & expression. 


The Deep Soul Meditation: You will be guided into eight specific & essential areas of the body. From there allow your soul to be carried on an inner journey in trust & safety for your ultimate rejuvenation. 


The Rainbow Relaxation: This is a guided relaxation allowing every cell of your body to rest & be renewed. From the heart let the rainbow colours regenerate you before entering into a sensation of vastness, in silence & deep inner listening. Read more

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1. Introduction (03.06)
2. The Deep Soul Meditation (42.06)
3. The Rainbow Relaxation (22.13)