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Testimonials from Soul Voice® Experience SOUTH AFRICA

It’s a challenge WRITING down words about Soul Voice®. Words don’t seem adequate.
If I could describe Soul Voice® in sound, it would be a sound that expressed a word like… “Hallelujah”!
If you imagine that poetic image of a Native American Indian standing at the edge of a canyon, arms to the sky, fully voicing his praise or anguish to a glorious sun rise, his sound echoing to the horizon… that’s the kind of feeling I experienced in Soul Voice®. As I say, challenging to write this emotion down in words.I communed with something deep down, that only sound could convey. It felt like ancient body wisdom, with moments of truth. I felt awake and alive, trusting and aligning with the current of these sounds. My cells felt as though they were vibrating and creating heat, as sounds came from the very depth of me.
I was no longer ‘fighting’ to contain a feeling inside, but accepting it, letting it escape from my ‘container’, as a sound. There was even a kind of JOY in expressing a sad or strong emotion, as a sound.
Soul Voice® for me is about letting go through sound, to heal. I felt peaceful afterwards, more loving and compassionate. Even my dreams over the weekend showed me that something had ‘shifted’.
Thank you Karina, our very wise “Earth Mother”, with such generosity of spirit for humanity, for bringing Soul Voice® to South Africa, a third time. Your passion and experience is an inspiration, your facilitation of Soul Voice®, impeccable. Thank you for your heart based encouragement to listen with soul, to be heard, to find my voice and power within, to wake up, as well as the help that you gave to increase my potential, so that I can (as the song goes)…‘dare to live’!
This Sacred work is truly ‘sound medicine’ and could be so far reaching and deeply significant in our country in the years to come. I sincerely hope you will return to continue the healing we need.

Lorraine Relleen, Durban, South Africa

The Soul Voice® Method (which is simple, direct and profound), and the truly impeccable space that Karina holds during the Soul Voice® workshop sessions enabled me to feel safe enough to connect with a very deep, unconscious core issue that has limited and kept me cut off from many aspects of life. I got to do this in a very beautiful, gentle manner and could feel myself shedding layers, transforming and healing in such a magical way. Getting to witness the transformation in those around me was also extremely powerful and beneficial. Over the course of the workshop I got to experience myself (and others) in a totally new light. I couldn’t believe it was so simple to feel so honest and authentic, and be able to express myself so differently. I felt such self-acceptance and compassion both for myself and for all the others in the group. I am overflowing with gratitude to Karina for sharing her divinely inspired work, and I highly recommend everyone to experience this remarkable workshop, at least once!

Janet Openshaw, South Africa

I signed up for the Soul Voice® Experience Workshop thinking I was going to learn another way of expressing myself. And I did - and even more importantly, I also discovered that I was really there to give myself permission to be human. Starting to let go of the self-critical mind that has been controlling my life for so long was one of the hardest and most healing things I have ever done. It was only possible because I felt completely safe as Karina guided us through an intensive two days of deep and profound sound healing exercises. Karina, I am in absolute awe of your power and embodied facilitation of the process. I know this is the beginning of a new way of living, and I feel deeply grateful to you and to the magic of Soul Voice®

Alexandra Lawrence, Cape Town, South Africa

"Soul Voice® has once again amazed and liberated me! Through Karina’s masterful guidance, I reawakened components that had fallen dormant and forgotten in me. I have stepped out of the two-day experience feeling revived, awakened, ignited, released… and ready for more! Thank you, Karina - you and the Soul Voice® method are an incredible gift. I look forward to your return and stepping into the next unearthing."

Gail Schoeman, Cape Town, South Africa

The Soul Voice® weekend workshop was as transformational as it was surprising. Karina is able to create a space of such safety that I could let go completely - and allow my voice to tell me things about who I am that I have never heard before. I have been using dance as my primary form of non-language expression for a number of years and was stunned at how powerful adding sound, not words, but sound to the movement was. It was the missing piece. I am extremely grateful for the experience.

Sarah Rice, Cape Town, South Africa

"Everybody has a voice and uses it... and still... before the workshop I felt as if I was holding back, not feeling my voice, not being connected to my voice at all. Hearing Karina's voice for the first time almost made me burst into tears. So much expression about herself in her voice, it was both mindblowing and so encouraging. Expressing myself with my voice through all the different exercises allowed me to discover the raw power and the hidden secrets of myself. It was as if I was finally connecting to a part of me, which was missing. Karina took me on a journey to my core - through her voice and the way she created an encouraging and loving space. Thank you so much!”

Eveline Keist, Cape Town, South Africa

As an organizer of the Soul Voice® Experience in Durban, South Africa, I told the possible attendees that it would be a profound & life-transforming workshop – and wow, it truly was! Karina is a master teacher. I felt so safe in expressing long-held trauma and expression; thank you for your enormous support. We will set up a practice group here in Durban and keep what you taught us alive. Can’t wait till you come back!

Charisse Shepherd, South Africa

I attended the Soul Voice® Workshop for the second time. What a powerful experience!!! Thank you Karina for guiding us and shaping us in the way that you did. Wow. This deep transformational workshop is dependent on the group energy, however I did not expect the shifts that took place because we were somewhat of a smaller group. The physical, emotional and subconscious shifts that took place were really big. I no longer live in my fear, I own and live my POWER! In gratitude

Evy Evlambiou, Port Elizabth, South Africa

Karina is a powerful and grounded facilitator who strongly supports and contains a deeply intensive process. I was challenged and repeatedly asked by the process and Karina to move past my resistances, barriers and defenses to deep, authentic expression. I am grateful for the loving energy and deep seeing that Karina offers to her holding function.

Cathy Gails, South Africa

I attended the first Soul Voice® workshop held in Durban last weekend. In my youth I was told not to sing as I couldn’t stay in tune, so it was liberating to be able to add my voice to the ‘choir of angels’ when our amazing group were sounding together. Thank you Karina for your powerful presence, strength, and certainty in facilitating the workshop, which I feel has reignited my fire. Your ability to discern what each person needed was inspirational. This week I had energy aplenty and have been ploughing through decisions and tasks.

Sally Sinclair, South Africa

I am fully finding my voice and experiencing my own voice…The passionate desire and willingness to participate and continue this Soul Voice® process is high. The depths of emotions that this has precipitated is such that I feel both the connection with the group and the process. This is extraordinary!
Emotions that have been stirred as a result of this amazing workshop are such that I will continue on this path of Soul Voice® voicing, sharing & caring.
I have realized that listening to my own voice and that of others opens a path to self – enlightenment and the ability to connect with like-minded people on my journey of realization and fulfillment.

Arman Hempla, South Africa

I would like to thank Karina for one of the most tremendously transformational workshops I have ever encountered. Arriving fragile and emotional due to circumstances and extreme challenges in my life... leaving feeling calm and centered, balanced and connected.
Karina gently coached each and every one of us; pushing us beyond our boundaries in the most graceful way. The collective energy and resonance was one of profound deep healing… a truly magical transformation at a cellular level. It is with immense gratitude that I experienced the unlimited potential encoded in my being. I see the world through different eyes. I listen with renewed ears. My heart beats to a new frequency in tune with nature and mother earth while feeling more grounded and serene than ever before.

Michelle Johnstone, East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Thank you for the astounding workshop. A lot of changes are taking place, mentally, physically and emotionally. I received a lot of new teachings, which my cells absorbed, however my mind and brain are still slowly adapting to this ‘new me’.
I am learning to consciously be aware of my voice and the tone of other voices. This is invoking my intuitive body to become more aware of what I say and how I say it, which I have never experienced before. Also, as I always spoke in a high-pitched tone, I now am learning to speak from my base, which has made quite a difference. I am practicing with the Expression into Freedom CD daily. The 2 day Soul Voice® Experience workshop is just the beginning and start of an amazing journey, which I hope to continue.

Lilly Hastie, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

For many years I was not allowed to speak and voice my opinion. The time has now arrived to loosen my vocal cords and create a voice to enable me to verbally express myself.
The first day of the workshop was quite hectic, wild and revealing, however as the day progressed, I started to understand more clearly, where everything was leading. The final sound healing practice was a group sound healing. Laying down on the floor and having the other members of the group sound over me was super-amazing! What a fantastic experience! An unforgettable day. I also realised that the pain in my knees was gone!
On the second day the exercises became more introspective and quite challenging. I realised that I was truly pushed beyond my comfort zone, to also rid myself of some of the boxes/walls I had put around myself. This has been an amazing experience on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and I am looking forward to the next installment.

Elizabeth de Beer, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

The Soul Voice® workshop is a must for anyone looking to reconnect with themselves. This unique experience has enabled me to address & heal parts of myself through finding my own voice to face a busy & demanding world. It was intense, lively, emotional, fun and grounding. The work you put in, is what you take away with you for life. I am grateful for both the experience & my new found energy & focus. Thank-you Karina & the Soul Voice® team!

Leigh Steven-Jennings, Cape Town, South Africa

The two day workshop was an exciting and challenging journey in an unknown technique & method. While taking an early morning walk, before the start of the 2nd day, I really understood that as humans we are just an expression of the creative energy force in the universe...and that my sense of being is related to and can connect to the Greater Energy Field in the universe. This workshop was like a lighthouse spreading a beam of light into the unknown and providing me with a way - a path to move forward along the journey of life.

Linda Thompson, South Africa

Soul Voice
® exceeded all my expectations felt like I had found an expression pathway (less travelled!) to my heart and soul, which was way beyond any words.
It was like the 'song of my life' ...a sacred "longing" from the voice of my heart, that was telling the truth from my inner wisdom, in sound.
It was one of those opportunities in life, which came along, to help me grow and step into life again, with renewed hope.
"For the most fragile flowers, push and grow out of the hardest rock" (from Earth Dance Drum).
Being that flower, I can now stand in the morning sun, breathing in this new dawn to make my soul voice expression, a part of everyday soothing, releasing and healing, so as to be in harmony with myself and others.

Soul Voice® is a beautiful simple "tool", I can use for the rest of life... and it's free... just need to go inside... truly listen... and give my feelings a voice in sound.

Thank you Karina, for your strong and compassionate Mother Earth heart of boldness, that feels, knows and senses all, as well as your eyes and ears that sees and hears all.
Your Soul Voice® mesmerised stand so fully 'in it', and that moved me deeply. Your passion, vision and true leadership in this 'work' could truly heal the world.

South Africa needs Karina Schelde to help us heal from the past and all that has been sealed away in our hearts.
If each one of us could be at peace and harmony within ourselves, each community and eventually, the country would also be in peace in harmony too.

Lorraine Relleen, Durban, South Africa


Testimonials from Soul Voice® Experience - 2 day Brazil & Paraguay

I have been taking sessions with a psycologist for 3 years, however in a two day Soul Voice® workshop I discovered something I could never imagine was possible. I met myself in my essence in a complete new way, in a higher vibration; and the experience of meeting the power of myself was truly unbelievable. I was not on 'drugs' - only using the magic power of my own voice! Thank you so much Karina for coming to Brazil and showing us your incredible medicine.

Marcela de Sa, Rio de Janeiro

The experience I had with Karina was really magical! A seeker for some time now, a singer and singing teacher, I always wanted to experience the therapeutic power of my voice to deepen the experience of singing. I have been feeling a huge blockage on my throat chakra and the voice that came out of me on the workshop, was new, powerful and enormous. Even I, who has been singing for a long time, felt like I finally began to release my voice and it was beautiful! I also accessed a past life through it, and my inner child, healing the emotional pain and relieving a lot a physical pain on my waist and back. It was so amazing that I can't wait for her return, to dive in even more on the Soul Voice® Experience. Thank you, Karina!

Ana Voiss

How far is it really possible to work with this method that to me felt like the foundation of the ancient Yoga of Sound?! It was a very moving ‘Calvary’ and at the same time very beautiful to go through the thick layers of emotional and mental pain. I had to take an act of courage to enter into that darkness, which surrounded me and deprived me from seeing my innermost being. And I was able to release a part of all this… In practicing the sounds I could see the process, the colors and the shapes, which I previously thought were just imagination!

Alejandra, Argentina

I healed something very old, as I came in contact with an old memory from when I was a baby being abandoned by my grandfather. Since then I have felt unprotected & on guard with life. I relived this trauma and the fear I held for so long left me. I feel so liberated!

Liduvina, Asuncion, Paraguay

I aligned different areas of my being as Karina guided us with a lot of love, perseverance and effortlessness through the effective practices, so that I could express and take out the rage from my body, which in addition supported me in releasing my cervical pain.

Gloria, Asuncion, Paraguay

When I discovered Soul Voice®, I immediately sensed being in contact with an ancient healing technique, that was so deeply familiar to me and which allowed me to (re)connect with my heart, my soul. By experimenting with the deepest emotions of my voice; I observed how I effectively could undo tension and thus offer the necessary space for me to emerge into an ecstatic state of love & joy!...An original state of being, which is essential for everyone!

Audrey Mouge, Brasilia, Brazil

The Soul Voice® Experience taught me how the power of sound can enrich life and living. Although I am only a beginner, Karina Schelde and the group welcomed, supported, and inspired me as I discovered an active internal force – my voice – that cleanses my soul and permeates my body. This force empowers me to connect within myself so that I can connect with others. I continue to enjoy the exploration of this new frontier.

Frank Edward Taylor - Participant of Soul Voice, San Pablo, 2015

With joy and satisfaction, I, thank Bridge and Soul Voice® for the opportunity to connect with my sounds that have been awakened with the techniques applied by Karina. I feel the harmony and inner tuning in full operation. Discovering my vocal potential in perfect acting, forming a wide musical sound universal link, unlocking emotions contained from the first breath. Important that deep dive is safe and serene vocal capability that carries with it the gift of being able and being happy. Gratitude!

Ligia Pinheiro

Joining Soul Voice® was a unique experience. I had the opportunity to express the deepest sound of my being and I connected with my essence. Thank you!

Nilma Pereira dos Santos

I decided to repeat the workshop I had done months before, but did not imagine that the weekend would be so intense and cathartic…also physically tiring, but restorative. The proposed exercises led me in search of a female lost or forgotten in some "dark room". The search for a sweetness which I missed. I had great difficulty accessing this hidden face. However, it helped me see that I live in an ‘ego’ character and it always led me over these 60 years. It was deep and physically painful to access, view and accept that character. There was great anger in moving it. The discovery of a much more free and happy child was much more than I imagined. This motivated me to look at that child with lovingness and less cynicism.

Finally, I want to talk about the practice of Voice of the Chakras. Very powerful! Every new voice was a different sound, reverberating in a different body part and with different intensities and colors. I have tried to practice this exercise because it invigorates me. I have a strong voice and sound chakras and some are small and hard to "sing". I'm not sure what that means, but I am experimenting. Karina, I have to thank you very, very, very, much.
Ariadni Lamar Speciale

As soon as I decided to join the Soul Voice® workshop, insights about the real power of my voice started to rise. As much as my ego resistances, that prevent me from facing my true self. Which required one of those brave leaps of faith into the unknown!
As a holistic therapist (and very involved as a co-producer of the event in Rio), I knew that I was going to be challenged to let go of some old parts of my personality, and that I was in very experienced hands with Karina in order to surrender to a deepest layer of myself! Each time I vocalized my true expressions through Sounding - either by releasing sweet chants or angry screams, it felt as if a veil was removed. And fragment after fragment, entire stories of my life came together and were released from repression, ignorance and separation within. I'm grateful for Karina's vision, faith and strength to help and inspire the Brazilian Soul Voice® to awaken to our root power…so that we can fearlessly reconnect with our authentic dreams and transform our reality - constantly, effortlessly, freely, joyfully!

Vanessa Moutinho

The Soul Voice® work has surprised me a lot! I have felt my true voice, a very strong connection and clean inside. The words I have always searched for to solve my issues have lost all sense when facing the true expression of my being! This work has made me come closer with the voice of my soul. Lots of gratitude for the care with which Karina guides such a strong and special work!
(O trabalho do soul voice me surpreendeu muito! Senti a minha verdadeira voz e uma conexão muito forte e limpa internamente. As palavras que sempre busquei para resolver minhas questões perderam todo sentido diante da expressão verdadeira do meu eu! Esse trabalho me aproximou da voz da minha alma! Muita gratidão pelo carinho, cuidado e força que a Karina conduz esse trabalho tão forte e especial!)

Ludmila Azevedo

For me the Soul Voice® Experience workshop with Karina Schelde was very satisfactory. I began to learn how my voice is a concrete gateway to everything I am, and to use it to grow in the many facets of myself. I found the precision and practicality of Karina’s exercises, and the energy of her example, totally helpful because she is what she teaches.

Julio Peña - São Paulo

Soul Voice® helped me experience integrity in my expression. The exercises practiced during the weekend gave me the opportunity to express the most delicate and demanding feelings that strongly affect the body and soul, and that also become a shadow in the busyness of my city life where I do not deal with it. It was a magical group with lots of trust and safety created. We exercised our powers of intuition, emotional and mental releases, playfulness, telepathy, liberation of our authentic expression, self-healing and giving sound healing to each other. Working with the throat chakra has allowed me a more fluid communication and now after some days of integration, I feel the start of a new groundedness in my liberated and integrative expression.

Karina is powerful, very experienced and dedicated deeply into the energy on this beautiful work that is really a Calling. Being able to add the element of sound to my development & self-knowledge is an amazing discovery I want to practice much more through the Soul Voice® method and also incorporate more awareness on various levels in my life. Gratitude to the group, to the universe, and to me that I allowed myself to play in this unknown & breaking through energy into a new path, and especially to Karina that she recognized her mission in Brazil; bringing to us all the opportunity to progress deeply and authentically with our very best vision, feelings, expressions and communication.
Daniela de Oliveira

My experience with the Soul Voice® was something so deep and profound that I find no words to describe what I experienced and felt. This work brought me a very great healing; I got in touch with my inner strength, which I was very afraid of and did not know why. I had the impression that my inner power was something bad and dangerous, but that dissolved during the workshop process as I was expressing more and more of this force that manifested through my voice. It was something extremely liberating and intense, I could not even believe that sounds so beautiful and powerful could give me this experience.

Always been a seeker, I have done many kinds of therapies, but nothing reached the level of depth that the Soul Voice® work took me to. And what impressed me the most was the effect after the workshop: I felt a flow of energy so great within me that I have never felt before, a willingness and a desire to live a different truth for the first time. I felt the need to continue to make sounds, to keep me connected with myself and with nature, take care of myself and contemplate all this fluid energy of life within me and outside of me. I am very grateful to Karina for giving this gift of work to us, to be such a powerful teaching channel, so that we are able to access and reconnect to our true self and life itself!

The Soul Voice® came to me very surprisingly and I experienced it all very enjoyable! Despite my previous experiences in self-development I now discovered the possibility of having access to my Being through the innate sounds of my body and soul that I expressed both spontaneously and intuitively. Simple, yet extremely deep practices invited me to go to the past and feel the present using this "voice" I have kept silently throughout my life. Among the various phenomenal experiences during this workshop, one of the practices was in particular very magical. In a sound healing session I put the intention to be in a deep and strong connection with my heart chakra. I felt the third chakra and the heart chakra intensely hot and pulsing together as an "out of body" experience. People who watched the process reported seeing my body’s energy field rising and falling in spontaneous waves in and out of my chakras. I felt a great joy and an inexplicable ecstasy, as I realized that the intention was achieved!
Releasing the sounds of my soul was so vibrant to my whole being… I know it is only the beginning and cannot imagine what is yet to come!


Extraordinary and inexplicable wonderful experience!
Karina, you are the missionary of the universe to bring this cosmic magic to the world. I thank the Cosmic Gods that guided you and told you… “Go out in the world and teach this magical ‘sound-force’ we all have.”
I came to the workshop with no expectations however very curious. I left completely renewed and filled with a vital energy so tangible that it is impossible not to feel and live it every day onwards! The strength of the energy we generated from the sounds produced in every cell, and every atom of our body is an unimaginable and very powerful energy. You need to do this process to understand what this magic is about!
Thank you Karina, for your donation and shared love on this special Soul Voice® day, forever unforgettable!



Testimonials from Soul Voice® Experience NEW ZEALAND

It has been 7 weeks since my Soul Voice® Experience in Auckland, NZ and I wish to tell you it was LIFE CHANGING. My Soul Voice® Experience was AMAZING!!! It was deep, profound and stounding. OUTSTANDING!!!
I am honoured to have met founder Karina Schelde. She was everything I had hoped for and so, so much more. What a woman!!! What a being!!! What a spirit!!! What a gift to this world!!! She is truly awe inspiring!!!
Never will I dismiss my voice again. Never shall I not speak my truth. Never again will I be silenced.
I feel at peace. I feel grounded. I am more compassionate, benevolent. I have strong universal guidance. I am focused. I have deeper humility, respect, gratitude and wisdom. My instincts are sharp. My singing voice is more beautiful and my creative energy is flowing. Physical pain and stiffness is leaving my body so I feel younger and more vibrant. I have clarity.
Today I continue to sound myself into personal freedom and encourage humanity to do the same.
In Sacred Resonance

LesleyAnne Mitchell

I went into this work feeling I was somewhat authentic but that was a lie! I was small in the World! Karina's God given gift and beautiful modality literally exploded my belief system into shards of inauthentic glass but I came back together honest and true.... I didn't find truth, truth found me!!
The World is now simpler it's either true or its not! Karina has given me a life changing gift! I now see my truth through a magnifying glass and my voice has become so strong but also so very compassionate... My voice and I have become one. United in one goal... Truth!

Rory McCallum

Soul Voice® was a definite life changing experience in so many ways, some dramatic and some subtle. I know everyone on the course went away with a firmer step and their head held high and we all shared the immense gratitude for the healing and the confidence boost.
I want to reflect on what was a side effect of the workshop but something that was profound for me. This was the way Karina showed us the power of setting boundaries. As someone who has struggled with setting boundaries, it was inspiring to see that setting boundaries created compassion and allowed us to function as a real congruent group. The way she did this with care and wisdom was truly inspiring.
The best workshop I have ever attended!

Peter Rose, Nelson

When Karina touched me with her voice in the Pain Release exercise I felt my cells move! The release from my shoulder was on such a cellular level as I have processed it in many ways, but this time it felt like all the cells let go.

I am an integrative practitioner of 30 years working with energy through Healing Touch, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Counselling. I have a back ground in midwifery, nursing & holistic massage. To me Soul Voice® definitely offers the vibrational healing required to tune our souls and heal the world. Karina Schelde brings an opportunity to us that is transforming, empowering, with self realisation and love. I encourage everyone to experience this and unlock your body & soul.
Donna Hall, NZ

I am amazed with the depth of this technique. The 2 day Soul Voice® workshop helped me to release an absurd amount of energy that was trapped inside me for a long time, generating great frustration. To use my own voice to awaken my inner power was one of the most transformative experiences I ever had.

Now I'm much more connected with my true self and whenever I feel that my energy is unbalanced, I make sounds with my voice based on my intuition. I'm loving this process of self knowledge and self healing and after feeling such a positive impact in my life I'm deeply inspired to go deeper in this great technique that is the Soul Voice. Thank you Karina for offering this precious gift to the world.
Claudia Arakasi, Brazil/ Australia

I am so grateful to Karina and her lovely Practitioners Caroline & Debi for a profound Soul Voice® Workshop. This workshop has enabled me to express my truth to myself and to the world. The first day I found myself strong and powerful enjoying the sounding and listening excises with 24 other beautiful souls, but that night I was surprised when I didn’t sleep well. The next day I felt so vulnerable it would take very little for the tears to roll down my eyes I was releasing emotional pain I didn’t even know I had. Each different exercise we did was another way for us to release what no longer served us. I am so grateful for the space and support that was provided for us to do this. There was never any judgment from other participants, as we all knew we were there to learn to find freedom and express our truth.

Not only did I find my free spirit I was also healed on a physical level. Before this wonderful workshop I had three small lumps in my chest which are now gone… actually they were gone 2 days later. The power of our authentic voice heals us on all levels and I am so grateful to Karina and her beautiful Soul for the Sound Healing that she so loves to share with the world. If you want to find your true authentic self through self-expression, a Soul Voice® workshop may be the answer to your prayers.
Cathy Hungerford , Australia

I came into the weekend Soul Voice® workshop with noise in my head and a lot of issues I was going to deal with. With Karina’s incredible guidance, experience, knowledge and professionalism and the beautiful (seemingly effortless) support of Debbi & Caroline, I was able to feel safe and supported to trust in the journey that lay ahead and to let go of all preconceptions. Layers seemed to peel off and at the core of me I found a clarity and truth that had eluded me for some time. I reconnected with my inner voice and my mind seemed to quieten. I was feeling more and thinking less. The noise was gone, and I had clearness about how to work through some of the issues that I’d brought to the course. Other issues had resolved of their own accord! What a joy and lightness I felt.

Soul Voice® has been the most simple & authentic process I have experienced. Don’t get me wrong - it was difficult for me initially, and did require trust and full immersion to access and let go of what no longer served me. I feel that it has helped me to reconnect with my inner and true voice that, through practice, mindfulness and trust, will assist me to work through any issues that surface.

Thank you Karina for having the vision to make Soul Voice® your life’s work. It is truly humbling to have been able to experience this with you.
Katty Peake, New Zealand

Testimonials from Soul Voice® Experience BALI

Your beauty is out of this world, Karina...what you shared so deeply with us all was extraordinary..the whole weekend was such a gift. Thank you deeply for holding such a safe, loving space to allow for deep healing, exciting transformation and a space to explore and venture outside the "box".
It was such an honor to meet you and to witness and feel the empowerment that you live and breath! Truly amazing!
I find myself every day thinking and sharing about the Soul Voice® Experience and I feel in every cell in my body that I want to dive much deeper into this experience of finding my own true Voice. I am really excited to have found Soul Voice®!

Ann-Charlotte Holgersson, Australia

After two extremely intense days of a Soul Voice® workshop I have emerged feeling spring cleaned, alive, activated, fresh, new and a hell of a lot lighter!! I have experienced and studied many types of therapies and am blown away by the simplicity of this method; how powerful is the use of my own voice in different ways!...for clearing, for healing, for expressing, for celebrating...always available to me, costs me nothing and can offer soooo soooo much! WOW! I am addicted!
...I hope to study more and more to one day be able to offer this to others.

Swaha Linda Copland, Bali

I recently joined Karina Schelde on a weekend long Soul Voice® journey, it was amazing. I cannot recall being so challenged to step outside of my comfort zone so often..yet witnessing how I did it anyway, time and again. The result was a transcendence from some very old places within myself that I only thought were possible using plant medicines, such was the potency of my experience. I recommend that you seriously consider joining Karina, the investment is nothing compared to the richness of the experience...Oh, I can sing now too.

Andy Bolle, Bali

I was actively looking for a vocal coach when I got a text message that Karina was teaching in Bali. And, wow. I couldn't have been more surprised by the transmutation that occurred in her Soul Voice® workshop. With Karina's guidance and support, I was able to release some very old, unconscious wounds. I could actually see, in my body, the emotions and trauma that had been holding me back as a performer. I thought all I needed was singing lessons! Ha ha!!

Skid More, Bali

" Karina Schelde is indeed a gift in need to this world "
I have been called to learn from her the moment I saw her youtube and it's been a blessing to have come across Karina's wise and compassionate presence. There is so much to comphrehend in Karina's books and teaching and I look forward to improve my wellbeing from Soul Voice ® practices. Thank you for being you Karina.

Jane Jelita Chen, Bali

Testimonials from Soul Voice® Experience - CANADA

The Soul Voice® workshop was surprisingly & subtly profound for me; it remains difficult to describe. I enjoyed exercising the concept of needing to receive (particularly, to receive oxygen) in order to give, especially giving sound. I had not considered the idea that receiving is necessary before any giving can be offered, and the exercise revealed my history of trying to give too much in my life - trying to give when giving was not appropriate or even available to do, and compromising myself in the process. During the deep breathing exercises, I reached into my belly for a deeper voice I had not yet accessed. This deeper voice was strengthened in the primal exercise we did. I also accessed better awareness of personal boundaries with these exercises, and they continue to help with projection. I was surprised at how diverse my constructed language was. I became more dynamically expressive - the constructed language exercise reinforced my desire to act on stage. I also noticed how compromised others seemed in several areas, and it motivated me to want to help people with Soul Voice® work, especially for men. I have noticed that men today seem to share with me an especially stifled persona in several areas of their personal expression. We seem tense, and compromised in our emotional and visceral awareness. I think continued work in Soul Voice® promises to be fruitful.
John Gooding.

Huge heartfelt thanks to Karina for facilitating a life-changing experience for me with Soul Voice®. When I got to the end of the weekend, I knew immediately that I needed to go deeper into the work and enrolled in the Soul Voice® 5 day Advanced Sound Initiation in Denmark! Frankly, I would have gone to the moon because the work is so directly and so powerfully opening and healing. I realize now that much of the pain, stress, and sadness in my life has been the result of being afraid of giving voice to my deepest truth. I see evidence daily of how this is shifting since Soul Voice®."

Leah Hokanson, Gabriola Island, BC

Testimonials from THE CALLING

“Masterful, empowered, subtle, focused… Karina, the session with you brought me to the center of my soul. Today I feel strong enough to cry, to feel the helplessness that I am in front of all the light and energy I feel from Mother Earth!

“THE CALLING” was an opportunity to look into the eyes of my shadows. I felt fear, anger, panic, the urge to send them away ... until I realized that they are me, yes, saying goodbye to them is to separate myself from me. At one point I thought the next chapter would be for the next novel... with you we always push the boundaries, because we have support, strong grounded roots, and so it was. With the support of the group I could hear the Sounds of my shadows & look at them with compassion, loving & integrating them.

What an incredible force I can feel since then, as I lost the fear of myself ... And each day I realize the dimension and fullness of the woman that you are! You seem to be like us so Human, but in practice exude a real Spirituality, of balance & integration that circulates in the Real World with the mastery of a Being beyond matter!
Karina, you make us believe that paradise is here, yes, within us! See you soon!”

Ludmila Azevedo, Rio de Janeiro

“Within a few days my life has turned around since I was invited to know Soul Voice®.

After an intense 2 day purifying & cleansing workshop through sound frequencies, I was driven by a desire to go deeper into the 6 day immersion, The Calling, surrounded by nature, in a group willing to reveal their vulnerabilities. Karina Schelde has created a deep, safe and loving method in which she gradually leads one to access layers upon layers of emotions that are buried in the unconscious. Many childhood memories come to the surface through cries, sounds & movements that the body naturally expresses. She has the ability to take us to the depths with courage & leave, lighter & transformed.

One of the most profound and revealing therapeutic works I have ever known! Amazing to discover the power of our voice and where it can lead us!”
Azlin Solar, Rio de Janeiro

The Soul Voice® method has changed my life. At first I did the two days workshop and the impact was very profound: a cover that obstructed my creativity was released and I began to write a book that I had postponed; I felt the release of this creative flow in all areas of my life and day by day.
After this experience, I was very much instigated to do the immersion of “The Calling”. It was quite challenging because I have an 11 months old child...! Deeper ancestral patterns were released and I realize how important the process is for my relationship with my daughter and the formation of my new family nucleus. My cells have gone through a reprogramming and I feel that everything around me is being reorganized from this new perspective with the pioneering work of The Soul Voice®. To discover in practice that we are made of Sound and Light is of absolute power!

Juliana Terra, Brazil

" I arrived at "The Calling" with a lot of physical pain and with a well-known process of mine which was very strong; I imagined that I would feel better during this seminar, however I had no ides I would receive this kind of potent healing. It was truly impressive what happened to me! It was the first time that I've participated in such deep and integrated work. I felt the cellular reprogramming biologically and through my whole subconscious self. I could access it without fear of my pain, my traumas and undo a lot of old wounds... Soul Voice® is really a work of deep transformation, where Karina gives us the necessary tools and does that in a way that we feel confident and embraced by her. Beyond all in this process, I found my spiritual path... I don't feel anymore the need to have a path to follow as I have my own, but "The Calling" was really a calling for me! I'm so grateful for everything & Soul Voice®!"

Ludmila Azevedo, Brazil

As I experimented with my emotions through primordial sounds, intuitive movements and improvised ‘chanting’, the wild woman - healer and powerful – and who lives within me, is definitely being reawakened. After I had liberated myself from my own tensions, I learned these 6 days of ‘The Calling’ to have confidence in my intuition to sense the accuracy of the blockages of my colleagues in order to also support them in liberating themselves and to harmonise with the totality of their being through the voice. A very shamanic & multidimensional experience, which I highly recommend!

Audrey Mouge, Brasilia, Brazil

I kept on discovering how my voice is the key to reach the most difficult areas of my being…Today I continue to incorporate Soul Voice® practices and techniques into my daily life. I am discovering what it is to feel the vibration in the world and in me! This opens me to a whole new sensitivity, as I explore life and my life with what I would call higher consciousness!

Julio Pene, Asuncion, Paraguay