Karina’s passion and vitality resonate from the pages of her book.The simple, yet potent exercises will guide and inspire you in the journey to discover more and more of your authentic voice....and this really is expression into FREEDOM!
Kathryn Santospirito, Australia

'Karina has created a brilliant piece of teaching and service in 'Expression into Freedom' resonating with such clarity and depth of experience. She reaches and touches your inner sense and innate wisdom directly. All seekers of self-awakening, use your voice and let sound be your teacher!'
Vickie Dodd, USA

'This book and CD offers you the guidance to find the power within you, so you can make the necessary jumps of rapid transformation on your soul’s journey. Expression of self is most powerful in sound. This book is a must for everyone interested in making more of their lives and their presence on this planet.'
Roy Martina M.D,The Netherlands.

'Karina Schelde's captivating and beautifully illustrated book will make you sing, dance and laugh! This book is a manifestation of how to change our lifes and guides us step-by-step to discover the huge potential we all have in our innate voice.'
Eve Hogan, USA

'Karina Schelde offers us a “sound medicine” that is grounded in centuries of factual evidence provided by cultures both indigenous and contemporary. This is an excellent book on the uses of the voice as a healing instrument and I highly recommend it.'
Michael Bernard Beckwith, USA

A book of connecting to the deepest and most sacred parts of ourselves. Written in and easy and accessible language, Karina inspires to listen with soul and soar with our voice's unlimited possibilities.'
Kristin Flood, Italy

Karina's gift of inspiration allows you to reach your potential of extraordinary depth connecting your voice and soul as one. With carefully chosen exercises 'Expression into
Freedom' is a must for everyone on the path to higher consciousness.
Peter Grunwald, New Zealand

'Karina's book calls for a shift in human consciousness to align with the divine resonance within us all. She inspires with her depth, passion and radiance and is a wonderful reminder of how to sound...
Gwyn Williams, Australia

After being diagnosed with serious cancer & metastases, I have benefited greatly from Soul Voice®. Stepping outside my background as a cardiologist I sought alternative ways of healing, as there was no curative conventional treatment.
As I have always been inspired by music and singing, it was so natural to work with  Soul Voice®. I know Karina Schelde as a very powerful woman and her new book "Expression into freedom" & her CD "Chakra Sound Healing & Heart Songs" have been a great inspiration to me. Specifically, I have worked with Chrakrasounds, The Primal Animal Within and Anger Released. I really felt the power of the sounds working through my energy system. I have also been helped by a Soul Voice® Practitioner here in Denmark.
Karina is a phenomenal motivator and has been an invaluable aid in my healing process of the cancer and my spiritual work. 
Dr. Mogens Kjær Andersen, Denmark

The Expression into Freedom Audio Book

"I am awe inspired by Karina's voice in each chapter of her audio book. Her unique way of playing with the tone of voice resonates in the depths of my soul. I feel the content of this method so clearly through her magical voice and have made the decision to embark upon the Soul Voice journey."
Mia Jacobson, Bali.

"The Expression into Freedom Audio book is a wonderful way of bathing our being in the resonance and wonders of the voice. It really brings to life the Soul Voice® method and enables us not only to hear the text but also feel the potency of this work as we are guided step by step with exercises designed to awaken and deepen our own wisdom; bringing us home to our unique wonderful self.
Discover again the ancient wisdom held within the voice. Let it be a friend and a guide on our journey to discovering the depths and heights of our potential"
Caroline Barnes, UK