Prerequisite for this course is Supervision & Continued Education

This seminar is a CALLING to all Soul Voice® Practitioners and Teachers globally to strengthen our sustainable Soul Voice® network & container of our sacred Sound Medicine.


To give each practitioner a sustainable ‘boost’, supporting individual leadership and moving forward with renewed inspiration to deepen and to expand client sessions as well as facilitating presentations of the work.

To synergize and to embrace the embodiment and understanding of the Soul Voice® method in your individual practice and life, and to bring the teachings of the Soul Voice® Sound Medicine to the next level & a new foundation.

To further evolve the Soul Voice® Community, nationally & globally, through commitment to your unique way of spreading the work and offering your service. Let your authentic voice be heard. Be inspired by your powerful Soul Voice® practitioner colleagues and teachers from around the world - become the Co-Creators of a growing sustainable community, with compassion for each person’s unique skills & individual challenges.


Something Really New

The closure of a huge inner circle of my life coincided with my openness to this new seminar. Now as a complete Accredited Teacher I said yes to this very first “Advanced Supervision II and Leadership" with curiosity and passion. After participating, I can say that it has been a solid confirmation of where I am. I participated with my mom (a Certified Practitioner), my Italian Tribe (11 shining Souls in total), ex-students (now amazing Certified Practitioners & a Teacher in Training), side by side in a never before experienced way! To be in this special seminar, has been to live an incredibly continuing blossoming of inspiration, ideas, sharing on such high levels, constantly training our capacity to be ‘in’ and to be detached but in a compassionate way. A huge, beautiful TOGETHER WORK, searching our unique way to bring our radiance to the world. For the first time I could taste so many different, amazing cultures. Colleagues came from more than 7 different countries! I could perceive & enjoy into my belly, the beating vibration of the wild Australian continent, for example. We joined with all our ancestors, connecting our blood/culture lineage with our own soul/ancestral lineage; and did it blending and sharing with each other our mastery in such a wise, spontaneous way. I REALLY felt us as multi-shaped, brilliant, shining pieces of the same magnificent diamond: the enlightened Humanity. I felt, sensed it into my bones, my DNA and into my eternal being.

We did an incredible new step to co-operate in a very divine and concrete way, channelling our Soul every moment, together with the Master of the orchestra, Karina. Everybody was constantly held, thanks to the light & commitment of the 3 amazing Assistants: Chad, Karin and Maria, that contained us in a compassionate way. This seminar was also about differences and polarity harmoniously blending together. Humbleness with proudness and self-radiance. The higher self together with the difficulties as human being. It was a continuous jump into deep trust about our real beauty, leaving and peeling off all the veils. Starting from this "self-appreciation" I could deepen & expand more and more the immense honour, respect and AMORE that I feel for my whole world tribe. I love you, dearest ones. I dearly love you.
By Maura Chiara Letizia Montanari - Sound Tribe: Europe, Italy