Testimonials from 2015 Advanced Supervision 2 & Leadership

The Supervision Level II was a profound experience. After that week in Le Torracce, I could feel a sense of peace and “being centered” that was very refreshing. It has been a long and deep journey since I first attended the two days SV workshop five years ago. During the different levels, I could loosen many layers that were encapsulating my emotions through my sounding. After 45 years of hiding and repressing my sensations, by being hyperactive, it took me some time to dissolve part of my blocks. Without the SV practice, I could not have faced the many challenges that I am having this year with the same self-assurance and faith that I am feeling now. Although the journey will last until I am alive, I can continue it with a higher self-consciousness. I am very grateful!
Eugenia, Germany

Advanced Supervision 2 & Leadership carries the highest vibration of Soul Voice® ever! New and refined material, new depths and new heights! Participating in this highly advanced seminar I was able to make some very big and important changes in my life, that I had been longing for, for so long. Now is the time to invest in our sacred community nationally as well as globally. Together we can do anything!
Birgitte Helena, Denmark

Something Really New
The closure of a huge inner circle of my life coincided with my openness to this new seminar. Now as a complete Accredited Teacher I said yes to this very first “Advanced Supervision II and Leadership" with curiosity and passion. After participating, I can say that it has been a solid confirmation of where I am.
I participated with my mom (a Certified Practitioner), my Italian Tribe (11 shining Souls in total), ex-students (now amazing Certified Practitioners & a Teacher in Training), side by side in a never before experienced way! To be in this special seminar, has been to live an incredibly continuing blossoming of inspiration, ideas, sharing on such high levels, constantly training our capacity to be ‘in’ and to be detached but in a compassionate way. A huge, beautiful TOGETHER WORK, searching our unique way to bring our radiance to the world. For the first time I could taste so many different, amazing cultures. Colleagues came from more than 7 different countries! I could perceive & enjoy into my belly, the beating vibration of the wild Australian continent, for example. We joined with all our ancestors, connecting our blood/culture lineage with our own soul/ancestral lineage; and did it blending and sharing with each other our mastery in such a wise, spontaneous way. I REALLY felt us as multi-shaped, brilliant, shining pieces of the same magnificent diamond: the enlightened Humanity. I felt, sensed it into my bones, my DNA and into my eternal being.

We did an incredible new step to co-operate in a very divine and concrete way, channelling our Soul every moment, together with the Master of the orchestra, Karina. Everybody was constantly held, thanks to the light & commitment of the 3 amazing Assistants: Chad, Karin and Maria, that contained us in a compassionate way. This seminar was also about differences and polarity harmoniously blending together. Humbleness with proudness and self-radiance. The higher self together with the difficulties as human being. It was a continuous jump into deep trust about our real beauty, leaving and peeling off all the veils. Starting from this "self-appreciation" I could deepen & expand more and more the immense honour, respect and AMORE that I feel for my whole world tribe. I love you, dearest ones. I dearly love you.
By Maura Chiara Letizia Montanari - Sound Tribe: Europe, Italy

Embracing the New Me!
As soon as I saw the invite to Advanced Supervision 2 & Leadership seminar, I enrolled! I knew it was important yet I didn’t know that it would be the best gift for myself this summer! The week was stunning beyond words. It was led in a wonderful mountain spot and was an opportunity to be with Practitioners and Teachers from all over the world. We experienced marketing from the heart, which truly is priceless, and also how to be a leader in our own life, which is deeply freeing and empowering. Also for me it was about realigning with a higher realm of soul essence, embodying Soul Voice® at a higher level and grounding my personal vision to live it effortlessly.
We embarked on a journey, masterfully led by Karina, who took us in a step by step process; helping to shed old skins, bring profound transformation and build new foundations! I felt safe to be fully expressed and heard. I witnessed myself stronger in my vision and shed old fears of holding back and playing small. For the first time I experienced feeling safe in my body, and able to receive support from others. It was a major shift to show up, and experience that my foundation is stable, and that I now hold both my delicate & powerful self together. The icing on the cake was the healing sessions! We learned new techniques of sacred geometry and Soul Voice® practices. Wow! It feels that I had the privilege to get a higher version/download of the Soul Voice® modality. It astounded me that it keeps getting better and better. Thank you Karina, for being such an extraordinary guide and also to all my precious colleagues for our beautiful supportive synergy. Now we are 34 new people and I cannot help but feel the world is a better place because of it! My heart is calling…..when is the next one?

By Jacqueline Lebovici - Sound Tribe: Europe, France

Called to Advanced Supervision.
My inner voice whispered, “It is time to deepen the Soul Voice® Sound Medicine and gather in a sacred circle.” I strengthened my daily sound practice. This opened the door to rebirth an aspect of my soul that brought me strong guidance from deep within me. At night, when I looked in the mirror I saw an ancient woman. I avoided looking at her face, as it was scary for me.
In the beginning of the seminar, Karina introduced a profound self-healing session. I was able to release much ancestral grief, and to dive deep within myself. Tears were flowing until they finally were received by a female earthy being who carried the vibration of the first woman. I felt held and unconditionally loved through her presence. Sounds of forgiveness to myself and others came through me and brought peace to my heart. In a following mirror exercise, the ancient woman appeared and told me: “I am so beautiful that all waters want to reflect me.” She wants to come out into my life and at the same time anchor me inside. She gave me courage to stand tall and to express my thoughts and feelings about my personal journey with the Soul Voice® method, sounding in daily life, with clients, in nature, and to humanity. With practice, I was able to speak from my heart, be authentic and true to myself, to have compassion for me and for everybody, and to embrace our imperfections. I felt inspired listening to all the presentations. I recognized Karina’s shamanic woman in a profound way, her powerful teachings and strong guidance to forgotten mysteries. She pushed me to face the fear of being heard and seen. When we gathered the last time in our sacred circle, everybody was radiating gratitude. Everybody answered their call in their unique way. We became like a Mala (prayer beads), linked with a thread, the passion for Soul Voice® together with the breath of life.

By Marianne Comtesse - Sound Tribe: Europe, Switzerland

The Advanced Supervision 2 & Leadership Seminar gifted me with the opportunity to meet with many European Soul Voice® Tribe Members. What a beautiful group of dedicated and inspiring human beings, who all brought their commitment and heart energy. That alone was such a reflection and inspiration! I experienced a most enriching week of broadening my limitations again and again in the newly learned and received sessions, the many questions I have been inspired to contemplate; about my true calling, business ideas and then authentically share about it in the moment, being seen in my vulnerability and strength. Yes, it felt like a time of synergy of these qualities, both on a personal level and in our collective to embrace balance, connection and the next steps of evolution.
Diane Angehrn - Australia

My focus is so clear as to enter into the eye of the needle. My experience of being the channel has improved a lot during the sessions with my clients. During my daily activities I channel the energy with a subtle and powerful vibration. My clients are attracted by my new focused and channeled energy. Now I know my thoughts depend on the vitality and the quality of my focus on the intention. The vitality and quality of my thoughts create a clear image that has a definite shape, a specific imprint and this is my new vision of strength, power, grounding, new frequencies & new sounds. I feel to be allied with myself and with the universal mind, my intuition is highly developed and my clarity allows me to be a pure channel. Suddenly, I start talking and give sound without action or expectation. I speak words that I don’t think, I feel that they come from a source of power which is allied to a sense of feeling and compassion. I am in tune with the frequency of abundance & richness. I allow the process of detachment and understanding. The rhythm of my heart is aligned to the rhythm of the Earth, I feel to be pure, facilitated, humble, fluid,essential. I feel that parts of me are healing. I have FAITH in the healing process of myself and Planet Earth. I’m releasing old issues, removing old masks. I feel a beautiful harmony with the universe, and a great joy that reverberates from my heart. The AS2L was moving to easiness, to my integrity. My inner connections have flourished and I accept the gifts of my spirit with gratitude.
Camencita Catania - Italy