Transformation through group collective support


Rebekka Gabriela Specht, Switzerland: 

As I have been through so many transformations during the Soul Voice practitioners’ training, I was not expecting what happened to me as an assistant in a two-day Soul Voice workshop. I was ready to support others during their processes, but since the group had uneven numbers I was also going to be part of the process doing the exercises. I thought, No problem, I know them all very well, it will be easy. During the ‘song of the soul’ exercise I received a collective sound healing for the first time to both my first names, Rebekka Gabriela. As my third eye was balanced through the infinity symbol, I felt more complete than ever. But this was just a preparation for the next step, the ‘clearing the clouds’ meditation. I was never before able to let go so much at once. Exhausted and almost out of breath from shaking and moving my body, from shouting and screaming out all false pictures and judgements about how a woman should be, and how I should be, I started to sound the ‘blue sky’, the meditative stage.

What I call heaven then opened up for me. It was like standing on a high point somewhere in the universe, seeing the blue sky. Heaven was above me, behind me, underneath me, in front of me. It was huge and infinite. An angelic being appeared, inviting me to see more, and I became aware of receiving new guidance. Touched to tears, wide open, freezing and hot at the same time, I could hardly contain all the love and light that was present around and in me. Yes, this was a real initiation, another new chapter in my life. Knowing and practising all these wonderful healing techniques from the practitioners’ training for so many months, I experienced how deep and effective even the simplest Soul Voice exercise can be — especially when supported by a strong collective group energy.