Transformation through feeling the vibration


Jan Flendrie, Switzerland: 

I am working as a therapist for hearing impaired children. In the sessions with the children I use my sound- and voice healing skills as well as forms of receptive and active music therapy.
I am sharing some experiences I had during a year of sessions with a deaf born baby, whose parents are also almost deaf.
Celina came in the company of her mother to me for the first time at the age of 6 months. Looking through me with her big blue eyes, I felt a deep silence around her.
Lying her on the monochord-bed, absorbing the sounds and vibrations from the strings and my voice, her breathing deepened and after a while she started to very lively move her arms and legs. The following sessions took place in a similar way, being conscious of the ritual I was initiating. The mother approved of soundwork very much. Her natural understanding was a very helpful in the sessions.

At one time Celina was standing up and making her first steps; I did a session with her; she playing a big iron tamtam-gong with her right hand, me singing short strains of vocals into her back with special focus on her spine and throat chakra. I was very moved how she responded to feeling the vibrations of the gong with her left hand. We did a series of sounding sessions the following month.
Now Celina is 20 month old. She says “papa¨ and is using various vocals and consonants. Celina has become ever more lively, explorative and communicative. I am deeply moved by her process, from a silent baby to a little girl with lighting blue eyes and fine communication skills. The parents, who wanted to raise the child with sign-language as a first language and the speech as a second, have actually changed their minds and are open now to consider a cochlea-implantation.