Transformation through compassion


Jenny Glover, Australia: 

I was facilitating a sound session with a client who had experienced deep trauma in her childhood. As I was sounding into her solar plexus I sensed a subtle, yet solid sensation coming through me, as my physical body became very hot. I sensed Mother Mary strongly and felt deep and sacred compassion for the client. This was also reflected in my sounds. My sounds then changed as they connected to the fear and grief within the client. She instantly started to squirm and spontaneously cried out, stating she had severe pain in her back which felt like hot knives cutting through her. I used body touch and encouraged her to trust this process by reassuring her she was safe. She screamed out sounds of rawness that were coming from deep within her until she was empty of this emotional pain. Because my client was willing and felt safe to express her own sounds, spontaneous healing was instant and transformative for her.

The client said she felt my sounds were penetrating her and opening her up to feel the intense waves of grief and fear moving through her; waves which she felt safe to ride as she released through her own sounds. As this settled she experienced waves of light and a divine feminine presence with her.

My Soul Voice training is helping me to clear and heal at deep levels; it enables me to connect to a greater spiritual Presence in my life, and to feel worthy to embody this presence within me.