Tone of voice is a healing to the core


Lori Lewis, USA: 

During my practitioner training I was preparing for a session with a friend who I knew had some childhood trauma. I didn’t know if that issue would arise, and if it did, I didn’t know if I could handle it. I knew she had touched on the experience in sessions with others, yet had not fully surrendered. Well, this wonderful woman did in fact go very deep and began releasing great trauma.

I wanted to cry because of her pain; I wanted to run because it was so loud and frightening. I didn’t know how, with my fear and grief and nervousness, I could keep control of the situation and help her. I focused on her to sense what she needed. I focused on allowing her sounds to fill the room rather than resisting them so I had to put my hands on her; I had to give her some words.

I felt the tone, the colour of my voice come from my heart. My heart felt more deep, full, and expansive than ever before. It was the tone, not just the words, not just the sounds, that held me in place and that enveloped her, allowing us both to continue. Soon I needed to meet her more aggressively, and my tone changed. It came from a deep gut feeling of digging my heels in and for both of us to ‘get the job done’. And that we did. Her sounds and her emotions escalated until a final release, then calm, then peace. She rested for a long time, her face that of an innocent child. I was full of awe. And, in gratitude for my new discovery: an acute awareness of tone.

This experience more or less forced me to be absolutely in the moment and completely all there. My sounds, words, intentions all came from that place, but the tone revealed even more delicacies of the soul, and took the other soul by the hand. The subtlety of tone is like a work of art. It carries such nuance and feels like gossamer. The elusiveness of how powerfully it can affect our emotions and the core of our being is astounding.