The sacred sound becoming the midwife


Wende Bartley, Canada: 

At the Hypogeum in Malta I had the opportunity to record my voice in an incredible underground chamber. The Hypogeum, dated around 3000 BC, is carved out of limestone and extends eight to ten metres under the Earth. It is a journey into the underworld. The Hypogeum is known for its unique ‘oracle chamber’ where sounds created in its space resonate throughout the entire three-level complex. Whoever these ancient people were who built this place, they certainly knew of the power of sound vibration, and utilised this space for ritual purposes and dream incubation. While sounding in the oracle room I experienced an immediate transformative shift into a deep space of resonance, with the energy moving through my body in tantric-like waves.

These types of body-mind altering experiences using sound were no doubt a central aspect of the rituals performed here in ancient times. Sound becomes the vehicle for the experience of union, of sacred union, of the sacred marriage. Through my own experience, my entire being opened up to a deeper level of knowing and connection to the primordial life-force energy that holds and weaves our cosmos, our collective memories, and soul lives across the timelines. The sound itself becomes the midwife, transporting all who come into contact with these timeless vibrations between the portals of life and death, birth and rebirth.