Telepathic sound healing


Murielle Reymond, USA: 

On Delphine’s 37th birthday I initiated her with a Soul Voice session. Delphine felt a deep feeling of failure, of having no purpose in her life. She felt profoundly wounded in her heart. In addition, she recently experienced energetic invasion with a strong feeling of a breach in the whole pelvis area.

With telepathic sound healing through the ethers, I immediately felt a supportive and earthly feminine energy bringing confidence and safety through overtone sounds to Delphine’s pelvic area — deep lower pitch, spinning slowly and regularly. I sensed roots coming out of her feet and grounding deep down into the earth. Then the sounds softened, opened, became a lullaby; the volume changed like waves and was like Mother Earth talking to Delphine, saying, Come on, wake up, stand up! You are not alone, I support you! As I continued to sound those comforting frequencies I sensed the breach being healed. I moved inwardly to her heart and received the image of a black thorn. I followed the sounds guided by the air element, combining tone, volume and rhythm. After a while I saw the thorn being gently lifted up in a bright light soundscape. Those sounds increased in pitch, getting higher and lighter, becoming like air. I intentionally sent subtle breath to the wound and it softly healed with every exhale, deeper and deeper. Finally I saw the heart radiate its own light in a regular pulse.

Later Delphine shared with me on the phone. After some time feeling her body gently vibrating, she heard a big sound within, as if someone had slammed a door. She felt a short shock, but thereafter she was able to receive vibrations resonating and shaking her whole body and being. She heard the last sounds as waves of peace. One week later, she was singing out in nature, feeling completely confident and joyful again.