Support and oneness


Caroline Barnes, United Kingdom: 

A little while ago my dad had to undergo heart surgery, which was complicated by the fact that he also has Parkinson’s disease. I struggled with asking for assistance, but the moment I broke through the resistance, my sound tribe was there, supporting me with messages of love and strength. During Dad’s operation,

I sounded with all my heart. I felt the sounds of my Soul Voice colleagues join me, as I felt an incredible surge of strength and clarity of intention and love. I received many messages and had a deepening sense of the healing that was occurring as he had his heart ‘fixed’. The male ancestral line was very present and I felt their support flow through as Dad received blessings, understanding, forgiveness and love.

Looking up, I saw three white doves circling the building. Dad went on to make an amazingly speedy recovery, to the astonishment of the medical team. The sounds had shifted something very profound for me too. The heavy burden I felt I had long been carrying felt lighter. I no longer felt alone or separated, but deeply connected on many levels: to my ancestral line, to my tribe, to a greater sense of oneness with divinity and the vast supportive network that exists at all times, ever flowing and vibrating in the ether, waiting to be received.

Our voices had joined in unison and had connected and intensified our intentions, reaching far beyond time and place, back into history, shifting and unblocking the resonance of withheld energy. My experience on that day showed me that separation is just an illusion that comes from the patterns of our humanness and our history, both collectively and individually.

By surrendering and connecting to the collective vibrations of sound, we have the opportunity to heal deeply as we connect to a unified field far greater than us. Through this, we come home to ourselves and our core. That day was a day of receiving unexpected gifts, on many levels.