Sound and ancient remembrance

Debi Lloyd, New Zealand: 

Amanda was a renowned professional singer and musician who played the flute like magic and had an angelic singing voice. I called her the Pied Piper as her youthful energy, enthusiasm and laughter — fused with song and flute — were contagious. Amanda suddenly became ill and tragically passed away only a week after being admitted to hospital with complications from a rare skin disease.

This was the first time someone close to me had died and it is difficult to describe the emotional turmoil which swept through my entire body. I had to release these deep emotions, this explosive energy that was devouring me. I was desperate to sound it out loud. Sounds poured through me. I sounded my intense sadness and grief, I sounded my absolute shock and disbelief, I sounded my raging anger and frustration, I sounded into the fear of my own mortality. I had to make sounds to feel sane. My heart felt raw and wounded.

During this time I visited a Buddhist monastery and there I sounded out prayers to help Amanda with her transition and her journey of transformation. I felt Amanda’s presence. As I was sounding the intention of love and peace, I heard a flute playing in my mind. Together we orchestrated and composed a soundscape like no other I have experienced. It was pure magic. Deeper and

deeper I immersed myself. I felt every cell of my being become sound. I was no longer flesh. My whole body was vibrating to a new frequency. The sounds were so ancient, from a time unknown to me. Time had ceased. I had opened up a new dimension within myself. In this altered state, I caught a glimpse of the possibility of travelling through multi-dimensions. Incredible! Tears were streaming down my face as the sounds filled my universe with loving ecstasy. Through the gift of sound, I discovered an overwhelmingly profound sense of gratitude, acceptance, forgiveness and liberation for all that is. Thank God for sound.