I dag bliver der undervist i Soul Voice® i over 20 lande. Et verdensomspændende netværk af practitioners og undervisere, har skabt et stærkt fællesskab på jorden, som du kan blive en del af.

Soul Voice® metoden opstod, som en intuitiv viden i mit sind. Jeg følte et kald til at skabe et fællesskab, som kunne samle mennesker i stedet for, det ensomme menneske alene med sig selv. Jeg følte, at tiden var inde til, at vi sammen kunne ændre den gamle tids egoisme og grådighed til den ny tids fællesskab omkring næstekærlighed og uegennyttighed.

Karina, ”Expression into Freedom”

Soul Voice® is being taught in over 20 countries with a worldwide community of professional Practitioners & Teachers, which emanates a strong support network around the planet for YOU to be a part of. Many more countries are getting familiar with the method through the media and the Soul Voice® products.

I founded the Soul Voice® method from an inner knowingness and guidance and a strong calling to create community. Our old ways of staying alone in our caves of hidden agendas, egos and greed, are coming to an end and need to be transformed to an altruistic attitude.

It is facinating to consider that we are the only creatures on the Planet, who question & constrict the most natural expression of who we are! What if the harmony and balance of the whole actually depended on each of us hearing and responding to that deep call within… by voicing our primordial self and the essence of our authentic being?

We must first finetune our listening skills so we may one again HEAR the calling of this planet, and to really know what is needed individually & collectively. From there we soon realise that it is not an individual journey. We cannot do this alone. It is about standing together and building strong community.

Karina Schelde

Tænk på, at vi er de eneste levende væsner her på jorden, som stiller spørgsmålstegn ved det mest naturlige menneskelige udtryk vi har. Vi kvæler lydens frigørende kraft i os selv. Hvad nu hvis harmonien og balancen i menneskeheden var afhængig af, at hver enkelt af os lyttede og udtrykte vores dybeste inderste længsel. Hvad nu hvis vi genopdagede vores oprindelige væsen, vores autentiske selv.

Før dette kan ske, må vi finjustere vores evne til at lytte. Vi må lære at lytte, så vi kan høre vores egen indre kalden, kun gennem os selv, bliver vi i stand til at høre menneskehedens kalden. Vi rejser ikke alene på jorden, vi rejser sammen. Livet på jorden er et fællesskab, uanset hvem vi er eller hvor vi er. Jo flere mennesker, der står sammen, jo stærkere bliver effekten.

Ønsket om at finde vores indre autentiske selv i fred og balance, går gennem at bruge stemmens healende kraft. Når denne kraft udtrykkes i fællesskab, kan den skabe transformation og kraft for de mennesker, som lever i problemfyldte områder på jorden. Stemmens kraft kan skabe ændringer, som vi slet ikke kan forestille os.



Soul Voice® er i dag et dedikeret, voksende fællesskab af professionelle practitioners og undervisere. Spredt over hele jorden, giver det dig mulighed for at deltage i undervisningen, hvis du ønsker at blive certificeret practitioner.

Når du ønsker at blive en del af dette fællesskab, bydes du velkommen til den umådelige støtte og energi, der findes i den nationale Soul Voice® gruppe, såvel som i den globale gruppe.

I used to think of myself and my Soul Voice practice as an island. Of course there was a ferry that, once in a while, went to another island where another practitioner or teacher lived. But still we were islands connected by a ferry with a time schedule and we had to run the island alone. It wasn’t until I got the experience of being a teacher that I slowly started to change. In the beginning as a Soul Voice teacher my loneliness and not being a part of the group became very visible. I worked very hard to show my students what a great teacher I was so I could be a part of the group. But of course that didn’t work. At that time I was being coached by Karina in a delicate and deep way, which helped me to surrender these old mechanisms of separation. I dived deeply into the depths of old memories and traumas, so they could heal. In return I got a new awareness of receiving support. I realized it has been there all the time, I was just too occupied with my own stuff to receive it. We are all connected in a big sea of sound-waves. We cannot be separated. The Soul Voice community is a strong container and field, woven around the planet. I tap into this field whenever I need it and experience an enormous support. I believe that we are also globally invited to give up our islands of pain and separation and start remembering who we truly are. And when we do so and connect to the collective field, we can work miracles together, personal and planetary. We overcome time and place with our frequencies and penetrate deep into our core.

Marinet Koeman - The Netherlands

I recently experienced a traumatic miscarriage. I felt alone, miserable, and that I had done something wrong. With a gentle nudge from Karina and some reluctance, I told my Global Sound Tribe what had happened. I was overwhelmed with messages of love and offers of sound sessions. Some met face to face to sound to me as a group. Others sent their sound through the ether at various times, but during the two weeks that followed my loss, I was constantly receiving sound from somewhere in the world. I felt the overlap of different practitioners sounding and what I imagine a tuning fork would feel if constantly used. My physical body healed quickly as I allowed myself to receive this amazing gift. I have no doubt that the reason for my speedy recovery was the collective sound being sent. Old emotions and patterns of abandonment and loss resurfaced and healed. I became aware of, or rather remembered, that I am always fully loved and supported. This feeling of being supported is a new one for me and one that I am still integrating every day. One project we have started as a Global Sound Tribe is to connect telepathically every month. We simultaneously sound to the elements according to the season, with the intention of healing that element not only outside us but also in our bodies. It is a powerful coming together of many voices as one. I have complete faith that what we are doing commands a great force of energetic healing that ripples through our world. With one powerful voice we have intensified and magnified our intention. This monthly connection is just a beginning, but all the same it has deepened my sense of who I am as an individual and awakened the sense of oneness and divinity. I have the knowledge that at our purest essence, we are all one — and more importantly, I feel it!

Melissa McCormack - Australia

I experience Soul Voice® as a painting, a wonderful canvas on which all sounds of PLANET EARTH are present. They come with their various shades, resonance and qualities, to create life in perfect harmony and clarity, needing only our pure intention. This work can truly transform everything. The Soul Voice® Community is my strength, I am not alone in my loneliness. The collective sounds gather me in and I feel powerfully it is changing my life. As our community expands, we become really only one powerful VOICE. The Soul Voice Community is an awakening experience for humanity.

Carmencita Catania - Italy