Sexual abuse release


Ulla Maglekilde Jerrebo, Denmark: 

Susan had severe abuse issues. She had distanced herself from real life and had a lack of self-worth. She had tried many healing methods, including going to psychologists, but still she felt severely out of balance. She was aware she needed to dive deeper, so she was ready for the Soul Voice method.

When I started to work with her, her contact with her feelings was sporadic and minimal. The initial sessions were mostly me as an active facilitator, which helped Susan gain confidence in herself and trust the healing effect of sounds. I taught her how to release pain from her body through expressing sounds herself. I then went through a series of sessions with her, utilising various Soul Voice sound healing techniques to come to the essence of her deep-rooted abuse issues.

Her life transformed radically on all levels. She learnt how to set healthy and clear boundaries, to accept her feelings and to deal with them. She learnt not to project her guilt and shame, to own it and to release it. Susan is now able to forgive herself and those involved in her former life of abuse and being a victim. She is a woman in her own power in touch with her intuition.