Releasing fear


Chad Beckett, Australia

When Karina asked me to share a story of a client’s experience with fear, I suddenly went blank. I jogged my memory and could not recall a single experience of a client moving through fear. I immediately understood that I had a pattern of fear in myself needed to address.

I went through a session to reacquaint myself with this emotion. I have done this many times before but realised I had fallen asleep to some of the deeper drives and callings of my soul. As I went through the layers of numbness, my breathing became rapid and irregular as the suppressed energy of fear was allowed to reveal itself. I truly embraced it and ‘stared it straight in the eyes.’

The sounds that came out brought a stream of images, illuminating unprocessed thought patterns that were holding emotional charge. One in particular was a deep desire to get into surfing. My body loves the water and this feels like a wonderful pastime for me to enjoy in this lifetime. During my sounding process I felt fear of big waves and worry about not coping, about getting hurt — this had been stopping me from surfing. When I allowed myself to fully feel the fear, it transmuted into pure, raw, available energy. I felt highly energised and fully present.

The first time I went surfing after this I felt the butterflies in my stomach. I had to consciously feel into and embrace these sensations. I was able to change my internal atmosphere to one which welcomed the thrill of adventure.

Meanwhile I had been working regularly with a client with sound and watching him come deeper into his own sense of power and consequently making empowered decisions. One of these decisions was to begin playing rugby again in his mid-30s. We had been working on recognising the energy of fear by finding the exact sound that the fear felt like and watching it transform itself.

He had been selected to play A-grade rugby and this particular Saturday his team was playing against what he described as ‘massive giants’. He later said that just before he went onto the field he felt an overwhelming fear of being hurt (not being fit enough, not strong enough, too old). He fully felt into it and it totally disappeared, leaving him feeling confident. As a consequence he had a very good, physical game.

This helped me realise how naturally we can guide someone into territory once they have adventured there themselves. I learned how effective sound can be in creating new energetic pathways to let us to go beyond our fears.