Positive Programming

Joyce Hellendoorn, The Netherlands: 

I have been delighted to give sessions to my partner, who writes and sings his own songs and who wishes to become a professional musician. Four years ago he lost his wife and decided to stop singing to be able to care for his four children, and so continued with his regular work. I fell in love with him because of his songs and lyrics, so it was hard for me to see him make that decision.

He eventually started to doubt this decision, and as I was giving him an ‘emotional release reprogramming’ session one day I realised that he didn’t allow himself to be supported by the universe; that he shut himself down from his true talent and higher self. It was so obvious that I almost had to hide my smile seeing him struggle for the answer that was right in front of him. When he came to a point of serene silence I suddenly heard him saying the words ‘I am supported by God.’ He then started sounding his positive programming for 21 days. Every day was a new revelation and he gained more and more confidence. He picked up his guitar again and started to write songs. He released a beautiful album and his new profession as a songwriter and musician now gives him a sustainable income. I am honoured to be his personal coach in this process.