My power animals are my teachers


Marco Lugaresi, Italy: 

I walked my inner paths. I confronted challenges. I set myself the task to find my power animal, supported by my spirit guide. First I found the eagle on my path: My arms stretched, moved sinuously, rending the air to find resistance and support my flight. I looked at the world from above and saw things from a different perspective. The eagle is inside me; the beat of its heart sounds like a drum in my chest and we are as one. Its power remains, and has grown inside me, step by step. It gives me the essence of lightness, a connection with my soul, and the ability for my body to expand. The eagle’s ability to fly high and alone in the sky is like a meditation: my cells vibrate in the sound of silence and can regenerate. To look from above changes my everyday perspective so I can now see and heal hidden emotions. The eagle is my travelling companion; it is always near me.

Later I experienced another power animal. This animal did not reveal itself as an image or a dream but it came to me when my mind was free from every thought and my heart clear of the forces which kept me imprisoned by old beliefs. At first I perceived the way it walked and the vibration that the earth was transmitting to me. Each of its steps was my step and I understood I belonged to it. The elephant had found me. My feet became enormous and heavy. I felt the energy of the earth sustaining me and encouraging me. My body became bigger and more round. The way I walked became firm and regal while my waving trunk was capturing the smells in the air. The generous elephant brought to me primordial memories of ancient lives, of the knowledge and power of medicine men, and made me aware of my capability to understand. I could go into the obscure zone of the unconscious and perceive the true emotional energy transmitted by sounds. I could let them into my body to perceive the pure essence of mortal beings. The elephant guided me in long unknown paths, in the passage between life and death without fear of death.

Today I have two allies. From them I can get incredible energy, psychically and mentally. At the same time I have to nourish them to maintain a strong relationship with them. In Italian the eagle is a female noun and the elephant is a male noun, so the animals also represent my female and male sides.