Moving beyond limits


Cheryl Middleton, Australia: 

I have been working with Sally, 72 years young, in a series of Soul Voice sessions. She has a history of overworking as a massage therapist and taking care of others at the expense of her own wellbeing. She is now retired on a disability pension.

In this particular session Sally connected with intense pain in her back. I supported her in staying present, sounding through the pain as it moved and finally cleared. Sally felt tired and gradually became quiet. Normally I would accept this and bring the session to a close, but I felt strongly that Sally was limiting herself in her tiredness. I gently invited her to feel the tiredness and sound it. I kept speaking and encouraging her quietly and gently with sounds, but her resistance continued. I asked her whether this was a way of limiting herself. Sally started to sound deeply into her belly and she laughed. Again I felt she was backing off and at the same time I intuited that another part of her wanted to keep on going. I asked her, ‘Is this really enough for you?’ and encouraged her to make the sound of it being really enough. Sally did take to it and then all of a sudden she just totally went for it. She started to sound and couldn’t stop; she became the sound. I kept on coaching and supporting her. She shook her body wildly as she released the full range of tones in complete joy and freedom. Sally even started to find her own ‘language’. At a certain point she was finally complete.

Transformed and in awe, she said, ‘My life will never be the same again. I feel as though I touched my essence, being present with it all, even the pain in my back. I really get it now.’

Since then Sally has continued to live from a place of no limits. She left a restrictive relationship, and released other roles in her life in order to finally feel free to be herself. People now compliment her on her exuberance. Recently Sally supported her daughter birthing her fourth child by walking down the hospital corridors strongly chanting Om!