Miracles happen


Jasmin Elvira Steenholdt, Denmark

Mary was in a terrible pain, because of the cancer in her abdomen. She was walking around in pain and sound, waiting for the telephone to ring. She had been waiting for a while for the dates for her first Chemotherapy and not eating for days; naturally she felt extremely exhausted. I told her that she could stop me any minute, and the best thing that could happen was if she could forget…and let go for some minutes.
I had absolutely no expectations whatsoever. I myself felt very fragile and sad, although I could use that vulnerability in my concentration. I held her feet and sang to them, long soothing sounds. I held her knees and sounded to them. I gave her a crystal-stone in each hand and sang and sounded to her heart and abdomen. I heard her intestines sounded with me.
When I was finished she opened her eyes, and said she felt the stones in her hands were symbols of the burdens she carried. She got up, and had no pain; she had travelled in her mind, to places she forgot existed. This has given me more than a “100 sessions at a physiotherapist would have given me”.
She still gets a sound healing after each chemotherapy session and the tumour is now shrinking from being 5.3 cm to a couple of millimeters. I believe a sacred and strong intent from the recipient makes all the difference…Mary’s powerful soul and mind did the hardest work to change her life…and she did!