Letting self judgment go & coming home


Marinet Koman, Holland

Marie’s voice is bright and outgoing. She tells me she wakes up in the middle of the night in deep fear and with a pounding heart. She has the feeling she wants to hold on to something but it slips away.
During the coaching phase she realised she has the tendency to control and judge herself. Now she was willing to let go, to become playfull and soft to herself. We decided to focus on her heart.
In the sound healing I was guided to first work on her head. After ‘deleting’ many various ‘cloud-formations’ of unproductive thoughts, the sounds then moved into the middle of her head. I matched the frequencies of ‘a clear blue sky’ energy and started projecting them inside her head. Sounds became like the shrieks of a bird, very clear and high pitched. They resonated strongly in her whole body, then the room around us became lighter and a soft song came into existence. It felt so peaceful , like coming home in this song. I also had the privilege of contacting, energetically, her ancient Egyptian soul through pictures, spheres and feelings.
After a delicate silence I put tender hands on her heart. Matching the frequencies of her heart I heard a soft whispering voice, like a scared child that doesn’t dare to speak up. When I asked Marie to join my sounding I could feel blue grief coming into motion. We sounded together in resonance, like a dance. At one point I felt ‘a spot of grief’ in the middle of her heart, related to her mother and childhood patterns. I matched the frequencies and the sound became firm and stronger. I stood up and energetically grabbed ‘the whole spot’. My voice became a scream. Her voice also became a scream, while we were pulling the negative imprint out of her heart. Then suddenly it stopped by itself. The silence helped to travel deeper .
I then finished the session with an ancient intuitive song. After the session Marie cried and were deeply grateful.
Marie is feeling more confident about letting go of control . She feels less judgmental towards herself and is able to show and feel her soft side. Apparently she was holding old memories from her childhood concerning not daring to speak up; not being good enough the way she is. By giving voice to those memories and deleting the busy mind chatter we freed her negative energy patterns. Marie came home, inside herself; she felt like a new woman, reborn.