I became a believer


Raya Klotz, Germany

A life-changing experience happened in my very first sound healing workshop weekend. I was physically in bad shape and in great pain. Six months prior to the workshop I had a bad back injury, could barely walk, was not able to work and felt emotionally unwell. In the Song of the Soul exercise, five people stood around me, sounding my name in my intention, which was clear: “I ask for healing my back pain so that I am able to walk and work.”

Two of the sounders told me after the session that they saw lizards leaving my body while they were sounding! If it had been only one woman telling me about lizards I would probably have dismissed it, thinking, “Come on, get real!” I was tested to become real myself, especially since I could not deny that the back pain was totally gone and I was cured. I became a believer, knowing through experience that sound healing works.