Healing the land with sound


Linda Duff, United Kingdom

I was attending a gathering of an ancient, peace-loving people of Aotearoa New Zealand. A large group of us walked onto the headland at the mouth of the great Hokianga Harbour. The elder women called us onto their sacred land with haunting cries.

Suddenly, I was gripped by an awful feeling. Below me, I saw a vision of a historic scene: many waka (war canoes) were in the harbour and a brutal battle was taking place. The waters ran red with blood. Slashed bodies lay on the shore and in the water. A few bodies were sucked out through the narrow harbour entrance into the open sea. The people around me were laughing, chatting and enjoying the day as normal. My unease did not go away, nor did the strong vision of the scene. Shocked and angry at the intrusion, I tried to make it go away. Slowly, it came to me that it was happening for a reason and that somehow I was being called to it. I opened to my intuition and asked What needs to happen here? The word acknowledgement came. I began making terrible sounds of the warriors demanding recognition and honour for their war deeds of killing and bloodlust (things that I abhor).

After a time I connected to a universal love that was beyond the events happening before me. A love that encompasses all human potentials, beyond my personal opinions and judgments about peace and war. I carried on sounding and gradually the sounds became pure, universal sounds and the vision faded. It was as if allowing the warrior to be heard had somehow allowed it be transmuted to a higher form of expression.

This was not an easy or pleasant experience and yet it has shown me the truth of the bigger picture of universal love. I am eternally grateful to Karina and the Soul Voice training for giving me the tools to use in any situation!