Healing the emotional body heals it all


Veronika Busch, Australia: 

I use the nurture and freedom of nature many times to enhance my emotional body. One day in particular stands out in my memory. I had given myself a few days space to really reconnect with myself by going camping in the Australian bush, near the coast. The ocean has always drawn me towards it, being so vast, connecting and powerful. As I arrived at the beach I noticed the sand and water were completely empty of people as far as the eye could see. I felt as though I had the whole planet to myself on this sunny summer’s day.

I felt heavy, full and emotionally charged but sounds would not come right away, so I walked and I walked. My steps got gradually heavier and heavier until I was stomping the sand with much force.

Then a sound came, a deep growl from the very depths of my being. This built to a loud yell and the anger came pouring out. I doubled over as if vomiting and I eventually fell to my knees continuing to scream and shout, now beating my fists into the sand and spraying the water high as the waves brought it my way. The solidity of the sand and the effort it took to create dents in it were a great mirror for all the obstacles that continued to get in my way, therefore fuelling my anger.

Nearing exhaustion, the tears flowed and my shouting was reduced to quiet sobbing. I sat with my head in my hands as my shoulders shook. In between the crying I tuned into the soft lapping of the waves and although I felt immensely alone I sensed an element of comfort and ease. I lay down, letting the water flow around me. When the tears subsided I felt pleasantly empty again, held, safe and reconnected.

To care for my emotional body enables me to live fully and be deeply connected to others, living more in the flow, and at the same time being effective in the world, yet in a compassionate way.

I am eternally grateful for being able to work with the many layers of my heart.