Going through the layers


Chad Beckett, Australia: 

Richardt had recently broken up with what he thought was the love of his life which had left him distraught, unable to sleep and thinking about her all the time.
In previous sessions we had worked with coming in contact with his body and feelings, especially grief. In this session we had already planned to work with anger. I had asked him to write an anger letter to his ex.
When he arrived at the session, I had him read it aloud to me. He was stirred up emotionally, but was still holding back, so I asked him to read it again looking directly into my eyes. More venom came out and strength in his voice.
Now he was ready to go. I told him to state it all to me for real.
This time he got really angry and upset. I had him take a stick and smash the couch with it while really releasing the energy and letting go. He was yelling and screaming at the couch. I think it gave him a fright to feel the intensity and he stopped himself a couple of times, so I had to encourage him to keep going.
Then we had a break and I asked him how he felt. He said he was really upset. I now got him on all fours. He then instantly started to release pain from his heart and growling from deep in his gut feelings. He went between the two and sometimes simultaneously on and off for about half an hour.
He got in touch with some very primal sounds that I am sure he had never made before. We had a short break. Then I had him stand up and integrate these sounds into his whole body by stamping his feet while sounding . I also had him practice a boundary exercise from right in his gut.
His voice was fierce, primal, emphatic; but effortless and very self assured.
He went on to saying YES ,then the words “I feel and enjoy my inner strength”. He spoke these words several times before sounding out the flavor of how this made him feel. Thereafter he rested for an extended time.
Richardt was surprised by some of the feelings he had touched on and didn’t fully understand some of the sounds he made. He felt he had regained his personal power from the session. He left grateful and uplifted, ready to start a new life.